Best pedometer app for Android

May 17, 2018
Best pedometer app for Android

If desired, anyone can achieve success in bodybuilding and lose weight through constant walking. There are special applications for counting the number of steps, so you don’t have to buy a separate device. It’s easy to get confused among such a variety, so which pedometer app is the best on Android?

  • French mathematician Jean Fernel created the first pedometer model, and the third US President Thomas Jefferson improved the find. His device already resembled a watch and was attached to a trouser pocket.
  • To maintain normal physical shape, it is recommended to cover a distance of 7-10 thousand steps every day.

Noom Walk is the best pedometer app for Android without internet

Noom Walk is easy to use, counts steps per day using the G-sensor, therefore it is not tied to GPS or the presence of the Internet. Accordingly, it does not affect battery consumption like similar applications. With the help of a pedometer, you can not only monitor your progress, but also the workload of your friends, motivate each other for the best result.

  • 24/7 automatic step counting;
  • Free application, no additional installations, registration;
  • Maximum measurement accuracy;
  • Slight battery load less than 2% of charge, which is comparable to a display for 20 minutes;
  • Works in any city and area.

Each user can check the statistics of the top pedometer for Android to evaluate their results. View of movements per day is available. The map shows the distance, the time spent on the path, how many steps were taken.

Simplicity and Functionality – Accupedo

When you first start the application, the settings are made according to personal preferences. For convenience, all settings are divided into functional groups. It is worth starting with setting the electricity consumption, ending with the display of Accupedo on the phone screen.

Users will appreciate the versatility of this application: it shows the mileage traveled, the number of steps, calories burned, the results are displayed in the specified period. For many, Accupedo will be the best pedometer app for Android as it lets you set goals and track your progress.

The app is only suitable for Android phones with G-sensor, which is important to consider when installing. The developers recommend:

  • Set the phone in waist mode for accurate counting;
  • In the settings, specify the sensitivity of the device;
  • Leaving your phone in your pocket or bag may result in inaccurate data.

Moves with accelerometer and GPS

Moves is a more advanced pedometer application for Android devices that is able to recognize running or walking, calculate mileage, calories burned. The program calculates the route, allows you to set goals, analyze the results. The pedometer is started manually. The benefits include:

  • Free to install and use Moves, no registration required;
  • Ability to demonstrate results;
  • Works out the route;
  • Displays results by day.

Mi fit – Xiaomi products

If you are using a Xiaomi smartphone, then you shouldn’t even think about it. Mi fit synchronizes all the results obtained while using the company’s devices. In this case, it is not necessary to buy a fitness bracelet. The application tracks not only the usual indicators of mileage, calories burned, time spent, but also sleep phases.

Mi fit will be the ideal solution for those who constantly monitor weight, monitor health and nutrition. In addition, the pedometer boasts the following benefits:

  • Availability of worldwide chat for posting results;
  • The best pedometer app for Android in Russian;
  • The most accurate indicators;
  • Care for the battery;
  • Multifunctionality of the application.

Steps Mania

A pedometer, which is distinguished by its originality, where an energetic man appears, as well as incentive rewards for those who are making progress. Rewards for the first marathon can be obtained by taking 100 steps in an hour.