The Walking Dead is an episodic puzzle game in the Interactive Cinema genre developed and published by Telltale Games since mid-2012.

The plot of the puzzle is based on the comics “The Walking Dead”, but borrows some ideas, events and concepts from the series of the same name, and therefore often switches, changes the pace and way of narration.

Sometimes in The Walking Dead, the story unfolds as if a Hollywood action movie was just around the corner. But in less than ten minutes, “bookish” calmness and artistic regularity with a pinch of humor and an atmosphere of spreading horror return to the screens.

Developers offer to get acquainted with Walking Dead on Android mobile platforms. Regardless of the choice, you should immediately remember: the first, introductory episode is distributed free of charge, but you will have to pay for the rest, and the amount depends on the chosen platform, region and method of payment (it is not at all necessary to redeem episodes one by one, you can immediately open a whole pack and instantly move into the world of the incessant apocalypse – here the choice depends on each member of the community).

From the Walking Dead, you should expect unpredictability woven into the atmosphere of horror and the theme of the zombie apocalypse. However, one should take the narration not as computer entertainment, but as a book written in advance by the authors and changing only partially. Here it will not be possible to prevent the death of each character, completely and completely rebuild the storyline, or turn the main character from a daredevil into a coward hiding behind the backs of his comrades. But even with such restrictions, the legend of the “Walking Dead” will forever remain in the heart.

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  • License Free
  • Requires Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Category Adventure
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 18+

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