Transformers Robots In Disguise for Android

Transformers Robots In Disguise for Android

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Transformers Robots In Disguise is an episodic military-tactical arcade game based on the ideas, concepts and plot of the American animated series Transformers: Undercover Robots.

Developers from Hasbro tried to transfer the entire virtual universe with Decepticons and Autobots to the mobile operating systems iOS and Android, partially changing the story and giving young enthusiasts access to their own collection of characters that can free the Earth or create chaos and horror on every piece of virtual scenery…

Cities are half destroyed, military bases ransacked and burned, and human civilization has long been living out its last days. There is still a chance of salvation, but will the Autobots cope with the endless forces of the enemy?

Timely touches help to penetrate the enemy block, allow you to rotate grabs, use the environment and deliver attacking lunges and legs. Each passed level is a reason to collect energy blocks and experience points necessary to buy new items, unlock skills and abilities, as well as additional levels of increased difficulty.

Initially, the well-known Bumblebee with powerful attacking combinations and several types of weapons falls into the hands of every savior of the universe. But the hero in splendid isolation is hardly able to cope with the Decepticons, and therefore, you will either have to unlock new characters for Power Blocks, or read the barcode from the toys of the “Transformers Robots In Disguise” series, which will immediately become available in the virtual library. With allies at hand, moving around the global map will become much easier.

Challenges and Narrative

The plot is unpretentious. The Hasbro developers tried to partially retell the events of the cartoon, and at the same time added several additional tasks scattered around the planet Earth. The heroes will have to move between the points of activity and clear every corner of the emerging enemies. During the battle, you will have to deal with 10-12 Decepticons, but then you will return to the base, update your inventory and search for new allies. All tests are based on a similar style of passing and for additional impressions you should already contact the menu with puzzles. There you will have to experiment much more often. In terms of complexity, Transformers Robots In Disguise is far from the competition. 90% of tasks are easy to complete on the first try. Well, if problems do arise, then a quick change of tactics will open up many prospects for the second time.

Reviews & Versions

The reputation of the game Transformers Robots In Disguise is extremely positive – even impartial critics note only positive elements of the game universe with atmospheric decorations and memorable battles that unfold almost without interruption. The developers have not forgotten about the cunning distribution model: there is no question of any Free-To-Play with a bunch of additional transactions. You can download Transformers Robots In Disguise for Android and iOS in free mode, and you won’t have to pay extra either for additional characters or for local currency – everything opens as the tests pass. And the further into the “Forest”, the more opportunities will become available. It’s a pity to download Transformers Robots In Disguise on PC officially, the developers do not allow, but the Nox App Player emulator is able to fix the mistake in a matter of seconds.

Transformers Robots In Disguise – Decepticons are already everywhere and only you can help defeat them! Choose your favorite Transformers character, collect Energon and unlock additional options to win the battle! Bumblebee cannot deal with the Decepticons alone. Choose a partner to help Bumblebee when he gets tired. Unlock many new Autobots and Decepticons along the way.

Additional Information

  • License Free
  • OS Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Category Adventure
  • Developer transformers
  • Content Rating 3+

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11 Ratings
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