The war is going on for quite some time now and the enemy are supplying their forces with fresh supplies and heavy artillery. Your superiors have assigned you to attack the enemy convoys deep in the enemy territory.
You are provided with weapons having fierce destructive power like Rocket Launchers and bazookas.
Take down as much vehicles as you can in order to weaken their front line forces and we will take care of the rest. Attack their main transport routes and lay a destructive blow to their forces.
You are being trained hard for this day and we need you to attack the enemy forces from inside while we take the front lines. We know that your mission is difficult but you are the only one capable of familiar with enemy territory and well trained with mass destruction weapons.
Objective :-

You have a limited time in which you have to destroy as much heavy armored vehicles as you can. There are many scenes to play with which you can unlock by beating high scores.

There are four environments with real 3D graphics in the game.

How to Play:
- Touch & drag anywhere on the screen aim your shooting weapon
- Tap the fire button on the right side of the to shoot and start your assault
- Use the scope button to aim closer

- Real 3D graphics
- No connectivity required while playing
- Realistic FPS (First Person Shooter) scenario
- Unbelievably real ambush scene to kick off the game
- Realistic enemy forces with helicopters and tanks
- Excellent environment
- Efficient weapon controls & movement
- Addictive, loving and full fun
- Fabulous sound effects
- Easy GUI and controls
- First person shooting
- The shooting weapon has unlimited ammunition but time to respond is crucial

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Дополнительная информация
  • Лицензия
  • Требуемая версия
    Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
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  • Возрастные ограничения
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