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Snapchat for Windows
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Snapchat offers to communicate on the computer in completely unusual ways, but in a fairly predictable format.

The same chats are available here, text fields for sending messages, emoticons and stickers, a column with recent news is open and an address book is available, but in fact the order of “information exchange” is based on the rules of contemplation. Feeling like Snapchat is an ardent fan of the philosophy of Buddhism and yoga.

Each message is allowed to be viewed exactly several times, literally absorbing the energy and mood of the interlocutor, and then keeping the memories in his head and enjoying the emotions from what he saw. The sensations are indescribable – there is no way to find that message history, where for each inserted word you can “get what you deserve”, the situation is different and unique.

Snapchat Content

Developers allow to exchange things that are quite predictable for modern technology – pictures, videos, recorded either directly from the camera, or prepared and processed in advance, stickers, emoticons and data about the current position on the map.

Finding surprises and some additional opportunities is realistic only in details. So, for example, in Snapchat, the ability to decorate photos and recordings with inventive frames, striking special effects, cross-references to some members and masks that partially change their appearance (ears, eyes and other wonders are superimposed) have long been available.

You are allowed to view the transmitted data several times (the limit is set by each participant and depends on the settings and mood). If the limit is exhausted, you can no longer study the content again. In addition, even unviewed data disappears after 24 hours, and therefore it is necessary to be in motion and never lag behind trends.

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