The main idea of ​​Instagram is to move forward forever. Developers continually introduce new functionality and watch the community adopt new ideas. In recent years, the standard set of “Photos” and “Videos” has been expanded with an impressive collection of “New Products”.

First of all, the audience remembered the idea of ​​”Stories” – short 15-second messages that are not added to the profile and are available for viewing only for 24 hours. Further, “Stories” are cleared from the profile and are no longer returned back. You cannot leave comments on such posts.

Free Instagram utility stands out as follows:

  • filters available;
  • no download restrictions;
  • publications are instant;
  • both gadget cameras are fully supported;
  • presence of comments, marks;
  • ray-type and oblique blur effects implemented.

The second surprise was “Live broadcasts”, where everyone could show the world around them in real time, answer questions, interact with subscribers, respond to comments and be creative. No one bothers to sing, dance and attract the audience using non-prohibited methods. The broadcast story changed the approach to the social network – Instagram has become almost the main platform for communicating with the world and even some stars who consistently broadcast answers to questions several times a week.

What is Instagram for?

  • Post photos and videos that you want to save to your profile. Edit them with filters and creative tools, and combine short clips into large videos.
  • Share several photos and videos at once (publish as many as you want!) in your stories. Liven them up by adding text and graphics. These photos or videos will disappear after 24 hours and will not appear in your profile grid or feed.
  • Instagram will let you see the stories of other people you follow in the line at the top of your feed. Watch them at your convenience.
  • Find photos and videos you might like and subscribe to new accounts in the Explore tab.
  • Send private messages, photos, videos and posts from your feed to your friends via Instagram Direct.
  • Instantly share your posts on Facebook , in Twitter , Tumblr and other social media.

Please be aware that other Windows 10 devices may not support all Instagram features, such as the ability to take and upload photos and videos.

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