LONER is a meditative rhythmic game about a military pilot, whose story is revealed through pieces of text found during the passage. Fly through numerous obstacles, feel the atmosphere of oppressive loneliness and find out how Lohner’s life will end.


If you download the game LONER, first you will see a capacious management tutorial:

  • swiping down or up with two fingers on the screen causes the plane to move to the appropriate height;
  • asynchronous movement of the fingers (one up, the other down), rotates the plane clockwise.

In the settings, you can change the control by setting the direction change to turn the device, which is subjectively more convenient. Accordingly, if you download LONER you will have to be content with the gesture system.

As for the gameplay, it is served in an endless flight forward, with a soothing melody in the background. They offer to appreciate the musical accompaniment by wearing headphones. So that you do not completely relax, there are obstacles on the way, expressed in tight openings. If you don’t fit into one of these, the LONER game will throw you back to the beginning of the flight. The holes change every session, some remain static, others move and become overgrown with movable mechanisms.

Continuous movement without crashes reveals excerpts of text from the diary of the protagonist and Alma’s girlfriend. There are 53 such excerpts in total, and their appearance in the book will be marked by a change in the color scheme of the level and a switch to a new soundtrack. After gaining access to all chapters, the ZEN mode opens in the LONER game, it differs from the usual one:

  • optional obstacle passing;
  • lack of new history pages;
  • Enjoy atmospheric music with futuristic visuals.

LONER game graphics, sound and controls

Download LONER stands for minimalistic graphics: an airplane is placed in the center of the screen, colored lights are placed on the wings, a faint and unknown light is seen in front. The location of obstacles and their appearance is determined randomly, based on the melody in the background. In general, the music consists of 8 compositions, which are pleasant to hear apart from the game. The tracks will appeal to melancholic and depressed people.

With control in LONER, everything is complicated, as with such on a mobile platform. The aircraft does not always respond adequately to finger gestures, sometimes tilting clockwise. The situation is corrected by adjusting the sensitivity or changing the control in the game settings for tilting the device.

The average project score of 4.6 points out of 5 encourages the download of the LONER game for free.

The positive aspects of the game include:

  • visual effects;
  • musical accompaniment;
  • the story of the protagonist /


  • monotonous, slow gameplay;
  • problems with the translation of the story into Russian.

The game is developed by the Chinese studio Kunpo. You can download the LONER game on mobile devices running Android and iOS. The version for the green robot is free and free of ads, but the music is offered to be unlocked separately. The version for “apple” devices is sold for 149 rubles and offers all content at once, without additional purchases.

As a result, we get an original game, saturated with the motive of the loneliness of the main character, who gradually finds and falls in love with a beautiful girl from high society. The project is recommended for those who do not crave quick gameplay and want to relax to pleasant music with notes of a piano.

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires iOS 8.0 and up
  • Category Arcade
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 4+
  • Download LONER for other OS Not available