In 2012, Gameloft released a game based on the famous animated series My Little Pony .

Being very popular, the cartoon has collected millions of fans among children, adolescents and even adults, so with proper implementation, the game My Little Pony was also destined to become popular. In just one year after its release, the game was downloaded by 5.5 million users, today this figure has exceeded 50 million downloads.

The developer tried to make the game varied. It is made in the form of a mixture of styles: strategy, where the player has to develop a large city and its inhabitants, action, expressed in mini-games, casual style. This variety allows the player to choose how he wants to spend his time and not get bored, so you can recommend downloading My Little Pony to any connoisseur of high-quality mobile games.

The plot and features of the game My Little Pony

The essence of what is happening is that a dark time suddenly comes to the world of cheerful and joyful ponies. The Evil Moon Pony is released from a magical prison where she was held by magic, she envelops the world of Equestria, in which events unfold, in darkness. Residents have to flee, leave their belongings to be plundered. The big city of Ponyville, where the main character of my little pony, Sparkle, resides, is empty.

The player’s task is to restore Ponyville, populate ponies here, restore the city by common labor and light six magical altars that will help expel the Moon Pony and recreate order. The plot is based on the strategic line of constructing shops in a city where horses work. The player must build up the territory, breed ponies, earn money and restore the altars. The plot unfolds as the app updates.

My Little Pony – After spending many centuries in captivity, the Moon Pony finally got free, and eternal night has come in Ponyville! Only Twilight Sparkle and her friends can free Ponyville and bring light and friendship back to earth. Help the ponies rebuild their town and make their dreams come true in exciting missions!

My Little Pony Features

  • Your favorite ponies: Rainbow, Fluttershy, Applejack and others!
  • Make Ponyville the most charming town in Equestria by exploring Sweet Apple Farm and Canterlot.
  • Play fun mini-games: balls, apple picking, magic wings, telescope, diamond mine and Equestria girls!
  • Play with your friends and you will understand that Friendship is magic!
  • Voices from TV Shows!


In addition to the main plot, the so-called My Little Pony games play an important role in the game – mini-games that invite the player to have fun, move away from the main plot and earn stars. They are necessary for the user to gain more trust from other ponies.

My Little Pony contains the following mini-games:

  • Ball game. The user will have to play volleyball with a pony. The more accurately it reflects the serve, the faster the game moves for which points are awarded;
  • Telescope. A game for polymaths who have to connect the stars in the sky with lines, forming constellations;
  • Picking apples. Controlling the pony, the player must catch apples falling from the tree;
  • Flight. Upon receiving a new star, the player moves on a pony over difficult terrain. The task is to collect as many stars as possible.

There are also options for the mine chase game, where horses ride a cart on the rails to collect gems and gold, and dancing, where ponies turn into girls and dance. The more successful the player clicks to the beat of the dances and movements, the more prizes he gets.

My Little Pony is a free game, anyone can download it. True, the game provides a store with various purchases for real money, which facilitates the passage of the storyline. This draws criticism from some reviewers, but in general, the store does not critically affect the mechanics of the game.

Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 2.3 and up
  • Category Casual
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 3+

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