Power BI for Android

Power BI for Android

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Power BI is a comprehensive and multifunctional business analysis and monitoring tool developed by Microsoft specifically for lightning-fast collection of useful information and making balanced and informed decisions based on the information provided.

The assistant is also distributed on mobile platforms in the Power BI Mobile version (iOS and Android with a compact interface, tooltips and an organic quick access panel), and on a computer in the Desktop version exclusively for Windows and even in the Services version, thanks to which it is quite possible to do business and through a browser – without reference to operating systems. Regardless of the chosen OS, analysts, IT specialists and developers should count on similar functionality hidden in a different shell.

A key element of the tool is its versatile visualization tools. It has never been so easy to assemble a graph, view price growth dynamics and see the real picture of sales. Just a few actions, and the result is already on the screen! Initially, Microsoft Power BI only worked with numbers. A little later, text was added, and now even images can become a task that cannot be missed, or a source of useful information. It’s time to put everything that has accumulated on the menu, and then – to draw conclusions and look for flaws.

Microsoft Power BI – You can track and interact with business data anywhere, anytime. Easily view and work with Power BI dashboards, share them with your peers, and get detailed insights in minutes. Stay on top of your business with mobile access to the Microsoft Power BI app. Explore data interactively using a touch interface to quickly find answers without the help of a BI specialist.

Power BI Features

  • full touch control
  • detailed dashboards for a detailed view of your business
  • great visualizations, charts, maps and graphs
  • flexible work and high productivity

Give colleagues the ability to view dashboards. Collaborate with your data with colleagues by providing dashboards directly from the Microsoft Power BI app. Take snapshots and add notes to explain the important data you’ve highlighted. Share details with your colleagues by email and other social apps.

The idea is not new, but it is still relevant. Why transfer documents and analytical information to someone else by mail or through external media, when it is many times easier to open access and control to colleagues and friends? Let each team member make adjustments, add comments, track progress, and help move towards excellence without additional action.

Multi-layered tables, convoluted graphs, data-laden diagrams – while competitors offer to figure out the details with their own hands, Microsoft Power BI has a zoom option and a console with a list of recent actions is open. You can trace the path of each added digit in a matter of seconds, and at the same time – part or correct some data without exhausting preparation.

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