Hungry Shark World is an unpretentious, but dynamic and spectacular simulator of the rampant life of sharks, completely raging and diligently devouring everyone who inadvertently sailed too far from city beaches.

Jellyfish, tourists, inflatable boats, squid and even chemicals – a pet armed with snow-white fangs is able to deal with everyone who appears on the way, leaving bloody streaks and bubbles of released oxygen in the water.

However, the life of an underwater predator is much more complicated than it seems. Besides easy picks, Hungry Shark World is full of obstacles. Mines, big game hunters, piranhas, traps – you just need to gape and even fangs will be gone.


The classic way to complete Hungry Shark World is tied to the gradual overcoming of obstacles in selected regions (Tropical Islands, Volcano, Seas and Oceans). For an unlimited period of time (the counter only displays the duration of the dive), it is important to score the maximum possible number of points, standing out from the crowd and overtaking the competitors.

After each victory, you can return to the “base” and carry out improvements, and, if desired, buy new pets. And then – again into the water. And so on ad infinitum.

Bosses in Hungry Shark World

Initially, the developers from Ubisoft suggested exploring only the sights of the Tropical Islands, and the beauty of some neighboring water bodies, where, apart from seagulls flying over the water, and jellyfish and fish, there was nothing to eat.

But after several updates, Hungry Shark World has a huge squid and Arctic Cyanei – jellyfish that can sting and attack almost without stopping. For battles with cyanians, you will have to show maximum reaction and cunning. After all, even with the help of mines left behind, a zombie shark in Hungry Shark World will hardly survive a meeting with such a boss.


A separate reason to download the new version of Hungry Shark World is for achievements and secondary challenges of increased difficulty. If primitive tasks have long been boring, the rewards are too small, and the locations have been studied far and wide, then why not experiment again?

In updates, sharks are allowed to develop with the help of learned skills (and for each new level, pets are added a little extra vitality), and in new tasks, they are awarded ranks and titles for their skill. Well, how can you get bored?

Hungry Shark World is an exciting sea adventure in which you have to control a shark! Try to stay afloat for as long as possible, devouring everything in your path! There is no plot or explanation of what is happening, immediately after starting the application, the player is thrown into the ocean, where he, in the role of a blacktip reef shark, must “eat” everything that only moves (fish, people, birds). Hungry Shark World has a conditional walkthrough tied to earning experience to gain access to more powerful predators of the underwater world.

Hungry Shark World Features

  • console quality 3D graphics
  • 21 shark species, 7 size categories. A wide range of choices, from a nimble hammerhead shark to a ferocious great white shark!
  • Climb to the top of the food chain to upgrade your mind-blowing predator! Bite harder, increase your speed, and get even BLOODY THIRST!
  • Four beautiful vast worlds for free exploration. The islands of the Pacific Ocean are the sunny abode of gape tourists. The Arctic Ocean is a snow-covered wasteland where a secret military base is located. The Arabian Sea is a world of luxury buildings and industrial estates. And the South China Sea is our first urban space, where neon lights illuminate the darkness of the night.
  • 20 different types of missions – break records, hunt down prey and survive!
  • Whales, submarines, locals and hundreds of other enemies will have a hard time!
  • Equip your sharks with stylish accessories and special devices. What’s a shark without headphones, an umbrella and a huge laser blaster?
  • Unlock various pets to enhance your predatory instincts. Baby sharks, octopuses and fearless turtles will keep you afloat.
  • Combo bonuses, Gold Rush and MEGAZO GOLD FEVER allow you to break records.
  • Collect all the letters H, U, N, G, R, Y to activate the Super Predator Mode in Hungry Shark World!

Versions, Access and Updates

The official release of Hungry Shark World took place on mobile platforms – both for Android and iOS, anyone can download a shark simulator, and even without initial payments and subscriptions. The developers offer in free mode to pass the available tests and storyline tasks, and at the same time – to choose between the already opened characters and move forward to glory and champion titles issued in the leaderboard.

But wait for total freedom is still not worth it – some premium items and sharks are still blocked, which means that you will either have to save up coins and local currency for hours, or buy the necessary benefits for real money. The cost of new functions varies greatly – the same Megalodon in Hungry Shark World will cost 250 thousand coins, but how much the same Zombie Shark costs is already a question – some price tags change too quickly, and therefore you will have to check prices again before buying.

If there is a desire to defeat everyone who appears on the way, also on a computer, then you cannot officially download Hungry Shark World on Windows or MacOS. We’ll have to use the Nox App Player emulator – both the keyboard and the mouse have been supported there for a long time, and there is no problem with the screen resolution, which means that you can compete and grow even faster with achievements!

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.4 and up
  • Category Action
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 12+
  • Download Hungry Shark World for other OS iOS

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