Tasty Blue is an intense, inventive and truly entertaining arcade game about the life of a mutated goldfish that can eat the world around and gradually grow in size, transforming from an aquarium dweller to a monster that swallows the universe.

And why this happens is still a mystery: scientists helplessly throw up their hands, and the researchers of the deep sea advise not to appear on the beaches at all – the risk of remaining in the belly of an almost harmless fish is extremely high.

Tasty Blue – you play as a tiny goldfish with an insatiable appetite. After your owner is overfeeding, you run into the ocean and start eating whatever you come across. The more you eat, the more you get!

Besides the goldfish, you can also play as a hungry dolphin and a predatory shark. The dolphin starts out as an overwhelmed aquarium star forced to jump over burning food hoops. He escapes captivity by making his way through the aquarium and taking revenge on his trainer.

Shark is the latest playable character, an artificial fish created by scientists to save Earth’s oceans. It uses self-replicating nanotechnology to absorb everything in its path and transform their matter into its own. It is impossible to tell how big this shark will get.

Events in Tasty Blue unfold under the auspices of a worldwide catastrophe. Say, due to an unknown human civilization, a form of mutation turned a goldfish from an innocent pet floating in an aquarium into a monster that eats matter and space around. You will have to watch the happening horror from several angles, taking turns dealing with a bunch of tasks and climbing up the leaderboard.

The narration is conducted mainly with the help of comics – pictures with text change on the screen, and new assignments open in the section with tasks. But it’s not even more interesting how the story is told, but what miracles will happen next. When the goldfish begins to approach New York, the earthlings will develop a special shark that can also grow in size to defeat the fish. Which means Godzilla vs. King Kong will be on the screens soon!

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Category Action
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 7+
  • Download Tasty Blue for other OS Not available