Garena Free Fire is a classic representative of the “Battle Royale” genre with picturesque scenery, brutal shootouts and compact competitive arenas designed not for a hundred survivors, but for fifty, which makes the degree of drive and difficulty increase by several time.

Despite the changed number, the developers left the other elements unchanged – only one team (or the only survivor) can win, the events unfold on the island, and to win it is easy to use any strategy, from active exploration of the world around and ending with hide and seek in shelters, houses and transitions. Regardless of the tactics chosen, it is still worth remembering about shooting, choosing equipment and a safe zone that changes position immediately after the start of the match.


All action in Garena Free Fire is centered around survival. We’ll have to look for transport to move to free zones and search for protection from radiation, supplies to restore vitality and rescue from shots, and weapons to make retaliatory attacks. 90% of the time you will have to look for salvation and only occasionally wage an outright war.


In the classic version, you will have to perform in gladiatorial arenas in a single format – this way the excitement builds up much faster, and due to the lack of information and data, the complexity also increases. But, if you are already tired of testing your skills in “Solo”, no one bothers to organize a team for 2 or 4 participants.

The battles in the co-op are even more driving and make you never stop for a second, neither when looking for objects, nor when moving around the map. Additionally, there is a choice and cameras – the classic version from the third person easily changes to the view from the eyes: it is much more difficult to look at the scenery this way, and all events are perceived much harder and more terrible (because of this, perhaps, it is worth downloading Garena Free Fire).


Each fight ends in about 10-15 minutes (or 20, if we take into account other elements, such as searching for opponents). Should you win or lose, you can once again plunge into the world of unexpected fights and curious impressions. And most importantly, everything will start anew. New item layouts, new zone and other opponents with increased skill levels.


The world around is detailed, full of special effects, and a dozen animations are provided for each individual action: characters realistically grab onto wounds received, bend when bandaging limbs and carefully interact with the landscape when jumping or rolling. The only thing that is badly lacking is a little more flexible settings. You can’t really twist the draw distance slider by skipping other elements like shadows and anti-aliasing. As a result, you either have to take the maximum, or be left with nothing.


An important feature of Garena Free Fire is frequent updates, fixing bugs and introducing new equipment, characters and even decorations. The developers have already repainted virtual wastelands on the eve of Christmas and Halloween and completely changed weapons for the sake of the upcoming holidays. But besides such experiments, it is worth noting the thoughtful protection against bugs and errors, crashes and problems with localization – everything works like clockwork!

Garena Free Fire is a survival shooter for mobile phones. Each 10 minute game will take place on a remote island where you compete against 49 other players in a survival game. You can choose your starting point by jumping to the desired location with a parachute, but do not forget to stay in a safe area. Explore the huge map by car, hide in trenches or hide in tall grass, ambush, fight, your goal is to survive.

Features of Garena Free Fire

  • Look for weapons, stay in the safe zone, confuse enemies and become the sole survivor. Avoid airstrikes and go for air supply crates to gain an edge over the rest.
  • 10 minutes will determine the winner. Will you become one?
  • Team up in a squad of up to 4 people and communicate using in-game communication. Lead your team to victory and become the only surviving squad.
  • Simple controls and good graphics will give you an unforgettable experience in the best mobile survival shooter Garena Free Fire.

Scenery and ambience

Garena Free Fire takes place in a post-apocalyptic environment. Around – empty houses, abandoned military bases, plundered medical laboratories. And also – wildlife, reminiscent of a cross between canyons and forest edges, furnished with trees, containers and shrubs. The sights are picturesque, but most importantly, they are qualitatively suitable for shootouts, search for shelters and supplies.

It’s a pity there is not enough variety – after 2-3 hours, looking at the already familiar palms and antennas, gray houses and dismantled and yellowed cars will get bored. But Garena Free Fire will no longer offer additional decorations and will not add new, as yet unknown weather conditions. The only innovation is the change of time of day. In some situations, you will have to fight either in the early morning or late at night, when in the darkness of the oncoming twilight it is difficult to see opponents or the approaching zone.

Versions and Access

The official version of Garena Free Fire appeared only on mobile platforms with iOS and Android operating systems. The developers offered to fight on the road, during breaks, or at lunchtime, filled with adrenaline and cooperating with friends. After the release, there appeared those who wanted to download Garena Free Fire on a PC, but such an opportunity is still only in fantasies. And the only way to get around the limitation and download Garena Free Fire to your computer is to download the Nox App Player emulator, deal with the controls, and after that, focus on passing and experimenting.

By the way, according to the new policy, cross-platform functionality is not provided – in Garena Free Fire on Android, PC or iOS, everyone plays separately: shared servers are still being tested or are even in development and will not appear soon. Is it worth the wait? Only when the owners of mobile equipment or computers with different operating systems wanted to gather on dedicated servers. In other situations, you can not worry about anything – there is enough space and entertainment for everyone.

In terms of the distribution model, Garena Free Fire pursues the standard mechanic – Free-To-Play: anyone can download the game without one-time payments or subscriptions, but you will have to pay for additional benefits – the same new models for characters will cost a pretty penny, but they will help you stand out from the crowd or vice versa – to merge with the surrounding scenery.

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Category Action
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 16+
  • Download Garena Free Fire for other OS iOS Windows

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