Garena Free Fire for Windows

Garena Free Fire for Windows
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Garena Free Fire is a full-scale military-tactical action movie based on the concepts and ideas of the Battle Royale genre and diluted with several competitive modes at once – there are frivolous fights with computer opponents, and spectacular competitive matches with real opponents for rating and reputation.

Before starting a career as a professional warrior, Garena Free Fire, it is not at all necessary to immediately join the atmosphere of brutal shootings, where blood covers the screen, and the screams of the wounded echo in the head. Quite the opposite – the developers strongly recommend that you look at the virtual training ground and heartily shoot from a variety of weapons, and try out the interface. There will be no time left for such training breaks.

If there were no problems with the entry and the mannequins placed on the landfills have already disappeared under the flashes of explosions, then the path is halfway passed. The next stage is the selection of a company. In Garena Free Fire, the developers offer either to fight in splendid isolation, personally accountable for victories or defeats, or by inviting friends and organizing a real battle party of four participants.

And, as practice shows, it is much more interesting to compete in this mode – you can think over an action plan in advance and exchange equipment. And also – the complexity jumps up a lot: the enemies are also in the team and are in no hurry to give up – they dream of punishing unprepared recruits once and for all!

Garena Free Fire will never get bored

The Battle Royale genre works according to fairly predictable rules – 50 characters parachute down to an unknown island, and then start collecting resources and supplies needed for only one thing – survival. Weapons will help to protect yourself when meeting opponents, body armor and helmets will save you from unexpected hits, and energy and first aid kits will heal the wounds that have appeared.

Here you will have to survive according to the same rules (descent, search, shooting), but with changing scenarios. The system of random generation of levels introduces confusion. It is never known where weapons, ammo, or personal protective equipment will appear in Garena Free Fire. And therefore, every time you will have to adjust to changing conditions, hoping to bypass competitors on all fronts.

Plot silence in Garena Free Fire

No stories are foreseen – each time the events begin in the air, right above the island, which for some will become a cemetery, and for others – a pedestal. There are no hints of a narrative at all. Perhaps the situation will change in the near future, and the developers will at least talk about the virtual world, or the silence will continue in the future.
Easy rules, high difficulty.

Learning how to shoot and move around the map is elementary. You can pick up items and change equipment even with your eyes closed. But only those who are serious about business will always be able to occupy a leading position in Garena Free Fire. Firstly, it is personal skill and the chosen strategy that decides a lot (it is not at all necessary to rush at everyone in a row, you can take an advantageous position and wait in ambush). Secondly, it is important to immediately arm yourself with headphones – if you do not listen attentively to the world around you, then belatedly, but even if accurate shooting will not help.

Always free

Garena Free Fire is distributed under the Free to Play model. No monthly fees, one-time account top-ups and other monetary investments. But, if you still want to thank the developers, you can deposit a few dollars to disable ads. An alternative option is to download a mod for Garena Free Fire, which turns off banners and other unnecessary elements for free.

Experimenting with style

Each battle fought in Garena Free Fire that ends in either a victory or a humiliating defeat will, in one way or another, bring a few virtual coins needed to purchase cosmetic items. The new outfit will not allow you to shoot more accurately and will not increase the chances of spotting a sniper rifle immediately after landing, but it will help you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate knowledge of virtual fashion to competitors.

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  • License Free
  • Requires Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Category Action
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 16+

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