Goat Simulator is a realistic, slightly crazy and truly unique simulator of the life of a horned goat that arrived on Earth with the sole purpose of destroying everything around.

Let the houses fold in half, cars fly apart, and the fence turns into chips. The more explosions, special effects and consequences for local residents, the more points on the account and the higher the final positions in the leaderboard.

Goat Simulator Features

Map. The virtual city in the Goat Simulator game is represented by several districts available for exploration right after the start. In the north, you can easily see an unfinished multi-storey building, in the east – corn fields and mountain peaks, and in the south there is a road, some kind of dilapidated lighthouse and a laboratory. And every object on the map in Goat Simulator is easy to interact with: some things will fly apart when touched, but the rest will have a chance to interact, earning achievements and opening non-standard passages and additional benefits.

Complexity. The full version of Goat Simulator does not imply either a storyline, or tests, or at least some tasks that are easy to “fail” and, having met the Game Over intro, immediately switch to new entertainment. Quite the opposite – there are no restrictions, and therefore you can focus not on competitive elements, but on a fun pastime.

Character. The goat is beautiful: armed with impenetrable horns, able to move with the speed of a fighting dog, and also knows several martial arts and has knowledge of fashion, and therefore is able to wear a crown and even some clothes that have yet to be found.

Scale. Since its release, the Goat Simulator has been updated several times. The developers added a collection of additional achievements, opened new areas for research under and over the city, took care of special effects and even changed the scoring system. From now on, it is easier to fill combinations – the coefficient is no longer reset after a few seconds and allows you to move to outrageous results without interruption. But the goat in Goat Simulator has not changed – it is still the same fearless, playful and dangerous!

Challenges and Decorations

The events in the Goat Simulator are set in a fictional universe designed by the developers specifically to conduct large-scale research on the almighty goat that appeared on Earth in the course of intricate medical research. The horned animal (for unknown reasons) is able to survive explosions and lightning strikes, falls from 10 meters and other destruction that appears on the way.

The entire gameplay is centered around exploring the scenery around and turning a backwater town into a war zone. The goat will have to destroy houses, blow up gas stations, knock out doors and turn over cars. And you will have to act with impunity – the locals will not react even to a UFO saucer falling from the sky.

Goat Simulator Achievements

There are a little more than 45 available “achievements”. Some are opened when exploring the scenery around, while the rest will have to be obtained in a non-standard way, experimenting at every step. Alternatively, the achievement “Cardio kills your gains” is unlocked only if the defeated NPC is on the treadmill located in the garage near the starting location.

You will also have to conduct a ritual of sacrifice, blow up cars, fly into orbit and jump, without stopping for a second, for several minutes. Achieving 100% completion of the Goat Simulator is quite a challenge.

Goat Simulator System Requirements

The developers from Double Eleven Limited focused on computers of average performance: 2 gigabytes of RAM, 256 MB of video memory, support for DirectX version 9.0, from 2 GB of free hard disk space. The listed parameters are enough to run an arcade game at a resolution of 1920×1080 and with textures of medium and even high quality.

Secrets in Goat Simulator

In addition to endless references to famous literary and Hollywood characters, TV shows (the famous throne from Game of Thrones has long been in place), films and even scientific research, the developers tried to add a bunch of secrets hidden deep in the bowels of the fictional universe. For example, you can earn the “Involuntary QA” achievement by discovering a bug and getting kicked out of the game. You will also have to find ninja turtles in the sewers, ride a bike, bring a figurine of an unknown deity to the altar and, of course, find a block of grass from Minecraft.

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Additional Information
  • License Paid
  • Requires Windows 10
  • Category Action
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 12+
  • Download Goat Simulator for other OS Not available