Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a multi-platform shooter developed by EA Digital Illusions CE. The game was released in spring 2010 for PC and game consoles.

Storyline & Single Player Campaign

The Battlefield Bad Company 2 review should start by looking at the storyline, as this is the first game to feature a full single player campaign. The game takes place in our time. A military conflict begins between the United States and Russia. The player is given the opportunity to play as an American private soldier of the Bravo-2 squad.

The squad consists of four people who will appear throughout the passage of Battlefield Bad Company 2:

  1. Preston Marlowe is a foot soldier, the protagonist of the game.
  2. Samuel Radford is the captain of the squad.
  3. Terrence Sweetwater – in charge of fire support, technician.
  4. George Gordon Haggard – Sapper, Explosives Specialist.

According to the plot of the game, they are sent to the Chukchi Peninsula to help counterintelligence officers. In the course of the operation, they discover the Russian superweapons and decide to do everything to prevent the outbreak of a world war.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough

To complete the single player campaign, the player has to complete 13 missions:

  1. Operation Aurora. For the first 10-15 minutes of the mission, nothing happens. With the beginning of dawn, the first skirmishes with bots begin in Battlefield Bad Company 2. In order not to die too often, you need to hide behind barrels and fences. They will help contain enemy bullets.
  2. Cold War. For almost the entire mission, the player will have to shoot with enemies. The only problem is the helicopter that appears at the end of the mission. It is useless to shoot from a machine gun at it, you need to use a grenade launcher. One hit is enough to destroy the helicopter.
  3. Heart of Darkness. At the beginning of the mission, the player will have to fight in an African village. You should not leave the buildings so as not to perish. You need to shoot enemies from the windows and throw grenades at them.
  4. Upper river. A difficult mission, at the end of which it is necessary to destroy the armored personnel carrier. Battlefield Bad Company 2 features rocket launchers that can be used to destroy enemy vehicles. Before the battle with the APC, you need to prepare your weapons and restore your health.
  5. To the sky. During the mission, the player will sit behind the helicopter’s machine gun and shoot enemies. First you need to kill opponents with rocket launchers. They can be distinguished from other enemies by the mask on their face.
  6. Snow blindness. In this mission, enemy attacks will come in waves. First you need to destroy the enemies on the left and only after that take on the enemies on the right.
  7. Heavy metal. Throughout the mission, the player will have to control the tank. It is better to use a third person camera while driving. This will help you find enemies faster.
  8. A particularly valuable object. There is nothing difficult in the first half of the mission – you just need to shoot enemies with a machine gun on an armored vehicle. Difficulties arise when a convoy with equipment is destroyed. Immediately after the explosion, you must run for the slope behind.
  9. Sangre Del Toro. Mission with challenging city battles. Killing all opponents alone will not work. Better to lure them to your comrades from the squad.
  10. They don’t abandon their own. In the second half of the mission, a lot of enemy vehicles appear. It is not necessary to destroy it. The main thing is to reach the checkpoint.
  11. Before dawn. The mission is complicated by gunfights in the channels where it is impossible to bypass the enemy. You need to carefully move around the walls and often use grenades to destroy crowds of enemies.
  12. Accumulation of forces. A short mission in which the player needs to go through the embankment and destroy enemies. It is better to go near the wall to the right to hide from enemy bullets.
  13. Troopers. One of the easiest missions in the game. Enemies have no cover here, so you just need to accurately shoot them with a machine gun or shotgun.


First of all, people decide to buy and download Battlefield Bad Company 2 in order to play the multiplayer mode. The tactical shooter has four main modes of multiplayer play:

  • Capture. This is the classic online mode of Battlefield Bad Company 2, in which the player and his team must capture the flags. Captured points serve as a place for allies to respawn. The team with the most flags wins.
  • Assault. A new multiplayer mode introduced in Battlefield Bad Company 2. The game maps of this mode are divided into several bases, each of which contains boxes with transmitters. The main task of the player is to destroy all the boxes of opponents.
  • Desmatch. In this mode, all players are divided into four squads of four. To win the battle, one of the squads must get at least fifty kills.
  • An assault by a detachment. Battlefield Bad Company 2 server players are divided into two squads of 4 people each. To win this mode, one of the teams must destroy the transmitter of the second squad.

You won’t be able to play Battlefield Bad Company 2 multiplayer for free. You will have to purchase a licensed version of the shooter to play on official servers. You also need to register a Battlefield Bad Company 2 account for further online play.


There are many weapons in Battlefield Bad Company 2. However, there are a few guns that are popular with players:

  • M16A2. A machine gun used for medium-range gunfights. The main feature of the M16 is firing in bursts of three rounds. This slot is most commonly used by players when playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 online.
  • AKS – 74U. Deals a lot of damage, can be used for shooting at medium and short distances.
  • Remington 11-87. It is used for shooting indoors. Kills an enemy with one shot at point blank range.
  • М24. A popular sniper rifle among players who prefer to play Battlefield Bad Company 2 as a sniper. Kills an enemy 800 meters away.

System Requirements

Recommended system requirements for Battlefield Bad Company 2:

  • OS: Windows 7.
  • CPU: 2.0GHz Dual Core Processor
  • RAM: 2GB
  • HDD space: 15 GB
  • Video Card: 256 MB VRAM.

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Additional Information
  • License Paid
  • Requires Windows 7
  • Category Action
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 18+
  • Download Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for other OS Not available