Paper io – the principle of the game is extremely simple and straightforward; rivals make it difficult. No matter how you play – cautiously or aggressively – you need to outwit your opponents and work out the most successful tactics for capturing territory. Beware: the tail is your weak point. If the enemy touches him, you are defeated.

Stay ahead of the curve: in, victory is not guaranteed until the entire square is divided. Stealing is allowed, and your opponents will not fail to bite off a piece of your territory. is a family-friendly game that doesn’t require an internet connection.

How to win at Paper io

The tactical part in the game is one of the most important, and since it is possible to win in Paper io only through thoughtful development, it is worth initially deciding on the direction of expansion and the way in which the territory will be taken away from the enemy. An important point. It is best to start at the edge of the map. Otherwise, there is a considerable chance that the player falls into the field of vision of several opponents at once and then it will be extremely difficult to expand.

It is always necessary to concentrate your attention on one, at most two directions, even if the rest of the territory may be lost. It is better to remove one of the rivals and reduce the number of potential competitors. It costs players nothing to grow again here. Unlike similar io projects, a limited number of people can be present on the field. Here’s how to beat Paper io.

The unicorn is the most difficult achievement, which is almost impossible to get honestly. It is issued only if the player was able to capture 100% of the playing field. This is a difficult task, but quite doable.

So how to do 100% in Paper io without cheating? To do this, you only need two things: start in the corner of the map and a little luck. After that, you need to start aggressively creeping in one direction, trying to completely paint over all the corners. At first, you don’t need to attract the attention of the enemy, you just need to paint over everything neutral and only then start absorbing the players. The latter must be left and painted over its entire territory.

After that, you need to manage to catch his trail when he is on the player’s territory, while simultaneously capturing his last territory. To do this, you can simply push the player to the corner, leaving him with just a couple of cells, and then provoking him to expand. Here’s how to get through to 100% Paper io.

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires iOS 8.0 and up
  • Category Arcade
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 4+
  • Download Paper io for other OS Not available