Description is an arcade time killer from the Voodoo Games studio, which is already known to many for its projects like Knife Hits. is completely free. There is no plot in the game, but there is a global task – to paint over all the available space with your color, or to destroy all rivals. Walkthrough

Despite the fact that most .io games have simple gameplay, at the developers decided to make the gameplay not only dynamic, but also unforgiving. Just one line in the wrong direction, and now the player becomes a weak-willed observer of how his territory is divided between the remaining rivals.

The gameplay of itself is as follows: there is a large field in which players appear in random places. You will control a small square with a virtual joystick. Moving the square outside of the starting territory, the player will find that there is a line behind it – it allows you to capture new space.

It is impossible for the line to be interrupted with anything, this rule is familiar to everyone who played the snake, only here it is implemented much easier. There can be a different number of players on the field, sometimes bots play instead of them, which are in no way inferior to real people in cunning and building their territories.

The game 1 became known for its quite interestingly implemented system of achievements and a large number of skins. At the same time, although the game is distributed free of charge, gamers will have to periodically watch the pop-up commercials. Sometimes they can be turned off using a bonus code, but finding them online is almost impossible.

So how to beat

There is only one way to do this – to defeat all other players and paint over the largest part of the in-game field. This will take a lot of trickery. To defeat a player, you must interrupt his line. It should be borne in mind here that gamers are able to invade each other’s territory, gradually taking them into their domain. Because of this, the player must first capture one half of the field, and only then move on to the other.

When a player is in an area of ​​his color, he is invulnerable, unlike an opponent, which leaves a semi-transparent trail when moved. If you interrupt it, the player will lose, and the winner will be able to get all his territories and thereby bring himself closer to victory. Here’s how to win at

There are many hidden things in the game, and one of the most important is a special nickname. Opening access to cheats. So what nickname should I put in V00d00Debug2018, however, it is worth considering that the current nickname is constantly changing by the developers, and this is the last known one, which may well not work. Also in there is a secret code that changes every few weeks. Players have to type different combinations each time to find out. They share their results on Youtube .

The game has one reliable way to defeat any opponent – painting one cell at a time. This method is useful in the late game, when there are not enough unpainted areas. It is enough for the player to attach to himself one small vertical line at a time, so you can quickly react to the actions of the opponent. In, the single player game is activated offline. All opponents will be bots.

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  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Category Arcade
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 3+
  • Download for other OS iOS

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