TOP 10 Most Popular Android Apps

August 13, 2021
TOP 10 Most Popular Android Apps

Today it is impossible to imagine a mobile device without entertainment and essential applications. People who enjoy playing games or reading world news.

Traditionally, all smartphone applications are divided into two groups: entertainment and business applications. The first group includes games, apps for watching TV shows and movies, apps for listening to radio, apps for accessing and interacting with social networks, Internet browsers, and all sorts of things for content management. If you have a mobile device, access to the Internet and the Play Market, then downloading the application to your phone will not be difficult.

This article presents the 10 most popular Android apps that have been downloaded many times.


1. Viber

Of course, no one bothers Android users to make business acquaintances and arrange a business lunch on Viber. With the help of this messenger, it is possible to make free calls and write messages anywhere in the world.

2. Telegram

This type of messenger is popular today. With the help of access to the Internet, you can, just like with Viber, write free SMS and make calls. A very convenient and up-to-date application.

Entertainment Apps

3. TikTok

Short videos that blew up the whole world. You can spend your leisure time in this application, watch videos of a dancing cat or dog, business lessons or recipes – you should subscribe to their creators and you can also create your own cool videos on your smartphone.

4. Twitch

With the help of this application, it is possible not only to watch the online broadcast of the gamer. There are also music channels, knitting and planting channels, and channels for daily life. If you wish, you can create your own channel and make real money using this type of leisure.

5. Snapchat

This app blew up the internet with funny masks and interesting effects. Here you can not only chat and share your best moments, but also play online games, see where and how your friends are spending their time, and view stories from nearby.

6. YouTube

One of the most popular applications on the phone. Users can download, watch, rate, comment, add and post videos.

7. GeForce Now

This is a platform that allows you to play heavy computer games on your smartphone. All data is processed in the cloud to provide a finished video stream. As a result, a cool game only requires a fast and stable internet connection.

8. Shazam

This app uses artificial intelligence technology and rich library to recognize any song. Just “shazam” your favorite song and it will be saved in history so that you can listen to it later at any time.

9. CoolReader

This application is designed to read books. Also, which is very convenient, you can adjust the convenient design and brightness of the screen, while the page can make a rough sound when it is turned over. The application supports many formats, dictionaries, day and night profiles.

10. SoundCloud

A music service where the music itself is stored in the cloud that can be listened to without an internet connection. It is possible to download millions of songs and listen to them offline. There is an automatic song selection, search by tags, subscription to musicians and friends according to your preferences.

With the help of this article, you can understand that a phone without applications is a useless thing today. Everyone always has a mobile phone with them. The owner can be reached using various applications, if there is access to the Internet. This is why mobile devices have far more marketing opportunities to offer consumers to reach than mobile websites, which are solely designed to make browsing more convenient for different types of users. It makes sense to use an app.