Yandex.Translate is a full-fledged translator that allows you to translate words, sentences and texts into any language in the world. More than 90 languages ​​have already been added to Yandex.Translate, so it allows you not only to translate the phrases you need, but also to learn words, learn new ones that you have never heard before. As soon as the user starts using the application, different languages ​​for translation will become available to him. In addition, the application allows you to listen to the translated text

Yandex.Translate – translate phrases and whole texts from any of more than 30 languages ​​and vice versa. When you enter text, the translation appears synchronously – even before the phrase is printed in full. You can also enable hints in the settings – then the Yandex.Translator application will suggest the next word by the first letters and by meaning. The translated text can not only be read, but also heard.

Yandex.Translator Features

  • More than 90 languages ​​are available online.
  • From English, German, French, Turkish, Spanish or Italian to Russian and vice versa, you can translate without the Internet (the required languages ​​are downloaded for free in the settings).
  • Voice input and reading of texts.
  • Dictionary entries with examples of the use of words.
  • Photo translation – recognition and translation of text on photos (works online for 12 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, French, Chinese and Czech).
  • Translating entire websites directly in the Yandex.Translator app.
  • Useful little things: hints for speed dialing, language autodetection, saving translations to favorites, translation history.

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