Smart Transport will help you find out the forecast of the arrival of transport at your desired stop in different cities of Russia.

In the Smart Transport application, there is a convenient search for a stop by a keyword and a search for stops near your location (you need a GPS module in your phone).

You can also create a list of favorite stops that you use every day. Forecasts are calculated based on traffic information provided to us by partners in the regions. Therefore, if you did not find any route in the forecasts, it means that either the transport is not equipped with a GLONASS / GPS terminal, or this terminal is faulty / does not work at the moment, or, in principle, we do not receive information on this route.

Smart Transport Service Capabilities

  • The “Smart Transport” concept has already been implemented in most of the cities of the Russian Federation and some CIS countries (Kazakhstan and Ukraine are already on the list). It is difficult to call the available set is extensive and unattainable – the authors still count no more than 35 settlements. The same “Yandex.Transport” has many times more, and even displays information more clearly.
  • The main feature of the service is the choice of the optimal route bypassing traffic jams and congestion. Just enter the final address, and the system will automatically tell you where to change, when to walk, and at what point to change to a tram or bus. The information is given in detail, and therefore every tourist can easily figure out the essence and will definitely not get lost in an unknown city.
  • In addition to the search, an interactive map is provided, which displays all transport in the city at the moment. As a result, it is possible to predict in advance when the bus will reach the stop and whether there will be a chance to look into the store or call by phone before boarding.
  • Separately, the developers offer to track stops and routes. In the first case, it is easy to see what public transport actually goes along the specified street, and in the second, you can find out how the bus, tram or trolleybus is moving and at what intervals.
  • There is no separate panel with settings in the Smart Transport service: no one allows changing fonts, interface design and other subtleties. The only thing they are allowed to interact with is the Favorites tab. It is easy to add stops or routes there that are indispensable throughout the day. The added information is further highlighted on the interactive map, due to which the chances of missing transport are reduced by three times.
  • If desired, each route is allowed to be shared with friends – with the help of a special link, you can even save information in a diary or notebook for future use.

Smart Transport is an experimental information service that predicts the arrival time of public transport and allows you to build routes from point A to destination B using an accessible interactive map, bypassing traffic jams and congestion on the roads. The service is being developed by the independent studio Bus62, which has already implemented some of the content, but is still seeking support from partners. If the city administrations do not support Smart Transport, then no one will be able to study the forecasts, and it will not be possible to collect information about stops, routes or traffic speed.

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires Android 2.1 and up
  • Category Maps & Navigation
  • Developer умный-транспорт.рф
  • Content Rating 3+
  • Download Smart Transport for other OS Not available