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Red Ball 4 is the sequel to the red ball series. Ahead of you is an exciting platformer with a variety of puzzles and dangerous enemies.

Red Ball 4 storyline and gameplay

Red Ball 4 begins with an unpretentious story about a world inhabited by funny round people. One day, his old friend returns to the settlement of the protagonist, who changed the shape from a circle to a square. He says that the world is in danger, because evil squares are prowling everywhere, wanting to flatten everything in their own image, including the planet Earth. From this point on, the Red Ball 4 passage begins.

The campaign against newly formed enemies takes place in 5 zones. The game has casual physics, but surprisingly, Red Ball 4 moon, where the action takes place in space, does not affect gravity in any way, apart from special platforms. We return to the locations, and they look like this:

  1. Green Hills.
  2. Deep forest.
  3. Dark Factory.
  4. Battle for the moon.
  5. Underground passages.

All of them are divided into 15 levels, personifying the difference between peace-loving balls (live in harmony with nature) and dark squares (desolation everywhere, use technologies that pollute the environment). At the end of each location in Red Ball 4, bosses are waiting for you, or rather one powerful cube. After defeating it, the zone is considered passed, but the next one may not open due to a shortage of gold coins. The only way to play Red Ball 4 so that the following locations open immediately is quite simple and requires you to adhere to the following rules:

  • Kill all enemies you meet on the way.
  • Collect gold coins scattered throughout the level.
  • If you accidentally missed one of the elements – start over.

You can find out which medal you will receive at the end thanks to the scale located in the upper right corner. But not everything is so simple, there are lives in Red Ball 4. Only 5, but during the game, they are divided into 3 hearts, where one is taken away from opponents for blows or, they are removed at once, if the ball gets under a circular saw or falls into the abyss / water. Those take a long time to recover, and Red Ball 4 level 35 picks them up almost immediately. If you lose them all, you will have to wait for automatic recovery, where one life takes 20 minutes of real time.

This rule applies to the free version, and if you want to know how to complete Red Ball 4, you will need to watch ads (restores all 5 attempts at once) or purchase a premium for 149 rubles, where the limit on the number of repetitions is removed. The amount of advertising pushes you to buy VIP status, although you can get rid of it by launching the game without an Internet connection.

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