Radio 7 on Seven Hills contains 4 stations aimed at a different circle of users. There are no paid features here, and the interface is distinguished by the presence of only a few active keys.

Capabilities of Radio 7 on the Seven Hills

Radio Online 7 on Seven Hills is a lot like a simplified version of any media player. After starting the program, the music starts playing automatically, connecting to the broadcast of the Moscow wave. In total, 4 stations are implemented here, differing in name and musical direction:

  • Songs of Radio 7 on Seven Hills – covers hits from past decades to the present. According to the schedule, there are live broadcasts here;
  • Mood of Happiness – This station is mainly dedicated to Pop music of the last two decades. It combines both sad and funny tracks, emphasizing the name of the wave;
  • The mood to love – romantic compositions of different authors and eras, great for those who are overwhelmed with bright emotions for another person;
  • Alone with music – a modern and recognized classics for all ages, makes you forget about the endless vanity of our life and think about something more.

Radio 7 Music on Seven Hills is available in two quality settings SD and HD. Which one to choose depends on the type of Internet connection. In order not to waste a lot of traffic, SD is suitable, and when connected to Wi-Fi, it makes sense to switch to HD, enjoying high bitrate music playback. Regardless of the broadcast selected, the Playlist button has been implemented, which displays the melodies that have been played recently. Each of them can be listened to, but with a playback limit of 30 seconds. Conveniently, the Radio 7 playlist on seven hills immediately displays the artist and track title, allowing you to add your favorite piece to your favorites list on another platform. If the current track fills you with emotions, it makes sense to share it with your friends using the “tell” key. By clicking on it, a quick access window opens for selecting a social network where you want to send a link to broadcast Radio 7 on Seven Hills. Only two resources are supported:

  • Classmates;
  • VKontakte.

The Radio 7 Seven Hills app is sure to appeal to fans of the original station who want to continue listening away from the receiver. There were some drawbacks, but they are not critical. As a result, it is an excellent program for everyone who loves to listen to music whenever possible.

The radio station is popular, but unavailable in most regions of the country; in some cities, broadcasting was stopped over time, which is why users found an alternative in the mobile version. Radio 7 Seven Hills received mixed reviews. The main problem that users point out is the useless switching between the broadcast quality (the sound practically does not change), periodic crashes, and a slow change in information about the melody being played. Some people are annoyed by the application in the background when they receive a call on their smartphone. They write much less about the pros, but everyone notes the convenient interface and support for playlists, which more than once made it possible to mark the tracks you liked and enjoy them over time.

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.0 and up
  • Category Music & Audio
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 3+
  • Download Radio 7 on seven hills for other OS iOS