inCarDoc – support for adapters: OBD-II (Bluetooth, WiFi, Kiwi 3 (BLE), Vinli), as well as GPS mode (for work without OBD). New in the notebook: gas stations and service records.

Reading of dynamic and saved parameters from ECUs of cars supporting OBD-II standard. Supports reading PID’s data for machines with multiple ECUs.

inCarDoc Features

  • reading OBD2 parameters of the engine and car in real time: speed, rpm, temperature, pressure, lambda and many other supported parameters
  • graphs of parameter changes in real time using inCarDoc application
  • reading and resetting “check engine” errors and saved parameters
  • Fuel consumption (for a diesel engine, set the corresponding flag in Settings)
  • saving and forwarding error and general information
  • autostart of the last read command (use the “Autostart last command” option in the Configuration separately or in combination with “Autoconnect”)
  • console mode for manually entering OBD-II commands and configuring the adapter (use the “Test” – “Console” option to enable console mode)
  • reading GPS parameters: speed, altitude
  • support for graphical arrow widgets
  • Magazine: Gas stations, Service and purchases in the inCarDoc app

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