Hearthstone is a collectible strategy card game set in the Warcraft universe.

Collect a powerful deck, unlock heroes and defeat other players from all over the world.


Hearthstone begins with a tutorial, divided into 6 duels with different characters. We appear as the magician Jaina Proudmoore, absorbing the basics of gameplay:

  1. To win a Hearthstone match on Android, you need to destroy the enemy hero. His remaining health is displayed under the character’s portrait in the lower right corner.
  2. Damage is dealt using cards with magic spells or creatures summoned to the battlefield.
  3. Cards for summoning to Hearthstone are activated for points of mana, which increases by 1 unit each subsequent turn.
  4. The cast creatures, if they don’t have the Charge skill, will only attack in the next round.
  5. If our fighter hits an enemy warrior, then he also takes damage equal to his attack, marked under the portrait at the bottom left.
  6. A hero can act as a combat unit by using a card with a weapon. The characters also have an original skill that can influence the outcome of the battle.

Interesting fact! Hearthstone has been downloaded over 10,000,000 times on Android alone, with an average 4.1 rating based on 1,600,000 user votes.

Having finished with the training in Hearthstone on the computer, we are transferred to the main menu, from where we have access to training matches against other heroes. If you manage to defeat any of them, they will become available to replace Jaina. The peculiarity of the characters is that they are divided into 9 classes with their own characteristics and a set of original cards:

  1. Warrior – relies on weapons, knows how to apply armor and enhancements to himself and allied creatures.
  2. Druid in the game Hearthstone – relies on expensive fighters due to spells that increase the flow of mana crystals. Knows how to select effects for use on charges, which is not in other classes.
  3. Mage in Hearthstone – uses a variety of spells to damage or freeze the enemy. Specializes in the use of secrets, which makes the fight unpredictable for the opponent.
  4. Shaman – wielding elemental magic, has a lot of cheap, but effective spells in stock. Has the class skill “Overload” – blocking the flow of mana to the opponent.
  5. Paladin in Hearthstone – focuses on health regeneration and cards with buff effects.
  6. Priest in Hearthstone is a tactically advanced hero. He wields the ability to copy opponents’ cards, destroy enemy creatures, heal and strengthen his own troops.
  7. Hunter in the game Hearthstone – summons animals, has a lot of secret spells. Battles on his side are based on the use of all kinds of bows and strengthening the warriors.
  8. Rogue in Hearthstone – characters, uses dastardly techniques to win. They use spells that can return creatures to the player’s hand or instantly kill them. A class feature is the mechanic of the “Series of moves”, which is triggered if you play a series of cards in a certain sequence.
  9. Warlock in Hearthstone – sacrifices his own health to summon demonic creatures.

Interesting fact! There are several heroes of each class in the Hearthstone game. They can be sharpened in a regular or gold frame, thereby indicating your skill level.

Hearthstone – build a deck and challenge your opponents! In Hearthstone, you have to choose a hero and lead him to victory in a fast and unusual card game. Your weapon is a cunning strategy. In a matter of minutes, you will become comfortable with powerful cards and will strike the enemy with spells, summon different creatures under your banners to take over the battlefield; here everything can change at any moment! It doesn’t matter who you are – a beginner or a connoisseur of card strategies – Hearthstone will conquer you with its depth, passion and unique atmosphere.

Hearthstone has long been one of the eSports disciplines. In the fall, in 2013, the very first tournament called “Innkeeper’s Invitational” was held. At that time, the game was still in beta testing status. Eight of the best streamers-users of the video game, as well as those who have already managed to show themselves in Hearthstone, were invited to participate in the championship.

Hearthstone Features

  • Hearthstone begins with fun introductory quests to help you get started. Everything is intuitive in Hearthstone!
  • You can win or craft many additional cards yourself. Your collection grows with your skill.
  • You can practice battling against some of Azeroth’s greatest heroes: Thrall, Uther, Gul’dan, and more.
  • Your collection of maps is assigned to your account, so you can switch from computer to tablet and vice versa at any time.
  • When you feel ready, go to the Arena and challenge other players. Great prizes await the winner!

Hearthstone Decks & Modes

Well-crafted Hearthstone decks determine the final outcome of a battle even before it starts. The maximum number of cards for battle is 30 pieces per player, which includes spells, weapons and creatures. A deck can contain several cards of the same type, depending on the restrictions set on their number. Each class has its own set of battle cards.

The top decks in Hearthstone are constantly evolving with updates to reign supreme, adding new tactics and cards. As an example, Hearthstone decks from 2018 will not be relevant in 2019 with the arrival of the new season. You can view the top sets of cards on the thematic forums. This is how the paladin build looks like:

  • Crystalology (2 pieces).
  • Bloodmage Thalnos.
  • Crystalmaster Kangor.
  • Novice Engineer (2).
  • Furious Pyromancer (2).
  • The disastrous banker (2).
  • Flash of light (2).
  • Servant of Pain.
  • Time out! (2).
  • Equality.
  • Consecration (2).
  • Prismatic lens (2).
  • Reducing beam.
  • The wrath of heaven (2).
  • Emperor Thaurissan.
  • Defender of Khartut (2).
  • Trion Fordring.
  • Satrovarr.
  • N’Zot.
  • Shirvalla, Loya Tigress.

This is a fairly budget deck in the Hearthstone game with a small number of rare cards that are sold only in sets or are created independently, when other, less useful creatures, weapons, and spells are sprayed. Beginners are advised to advance towards Legendary and Epic cards. Check the created collections in the modes:

  1. Game – play against a random opponent or one of your friends.
  2. Ranked Play – compete to increase your ranking.
  3. Training is a battle against computer opponents with the ability to unlock new character classes.
  4. Arena in Hearthstone – Build a deck of 30 random cards in Draft Mode. Becomes available upon reaching level 10 for each class.
  5. Adventure – story campaigns rewarded with new cards. This includes the story of The Witch’s Forest in Hearthstone, where you play as four monster hunters.
  6. Battlegrounds – Fight up to 7 opponents (in beta for November 2019).
  7. Brawl in the Hearthstone game – the rules of the battle change every week. Opens after 20 account level, 1 pack of cards is paid for the victory.

Hearthstone additions deserve a special mention, within which new card sets and adventures become available to users. The most recent of these are Rise of Shadows and Saviors of Uldum. Onslaught of Dragons is preparing for release. Some of the additions are planned to be withdrawn from the game. This applies to the “Witch’s Forest”, “The Boomsday Project” and “Rastakhovy games”. Hurry up to go through the unrevealed events and increase the set of cards.

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