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Google Authenticator is a proprietary two-step verification code generator application.

It is necessary to protect Google accounts, e-wallets, social media accounts from hacking, offering to log in using a password and a confirmation code. How to use Authenticator and how it works is explained after starting the program:

  1. Authorization on a site with connected two-step authentication passes through a password. If required, the resource will request additional code generated through the application.
  2. Codes are requested when entering the site from unfamiliar devices.
  3. Authentication settings can be changed at

To bind Google Authenticator:

  1. Go to the site whose account you want to secure.
  2. Please visit the Security section.
  3. Find the Dual Authentication tab.
  4. The Authenticator app is often recommended as the default.
  5. Please login to your account and start setting up.

There are two ways to connect Authenticator:

  1. Via QR code.
  2. Custom code.

For this:

  1. Run the Authenticator program.
  2. Click “Add Account” or the circle with a cross in the lower right corner.
  3. Choose a connection method.
  4. Install update code generation by time (updated every 30 seconds) or counter.

Now, when the site asks for Google Authenticator two-factor authentication, go to the application and enter the generated code in the given line. The procedure is autonomous and does not require an obligatory internet connection. The application works with several mobile operators, allows you to create an unlimited number of accounts, and supports the Android Wear operating system.

How to recover and transfer your Google Authenticator account

The main problem with the account Authenticator was the lack of synchronization with Google services. By connecting additional authorization via the phone, only secret passwords from accounts of different systems are stored on it. That is, having lost your smartphone, you will not be able to recover data, as well as enter the site from another device. There are several options for how to recover your Authenticator account:

  • Take screenshots of QR codes for authorization sites, save them to the cloud or flash card.
  • Write secret authorization codes on a piece of paper or also take screenshots.

The described methods reduce the overall level of account security, but allow you to retain access to accounts in case of theft, loss or failure of the smartphone.
The only way to transfer Authenticator to another phone is:

  1. Go to a site where Google Authenticator is installed.
  2. Go to the “Security” section.
  3. Next to the line with authorization, through Authenticator select “Change phone / number”.
  4. Log in using the password and code generated on your previous phone.
  5. You are pairing a new device.

As in the case of Google Authenticator recovery, you must have a smartphone to which your account was initially linked.

Google Authenticator is used to generate two-step verification codes on your phone. Two-Step Verification provides stronger security for your account: to enter it, you need not only a password, but also a verification code. In terms of design, the Google Authenticator app is one step away from incorrigible minimalism.

The developers display only 6 or 8 digits of the verification code, display the email address and help read the terms and conditions, without which the use of such authentication is impossible. And that’s all – you can no longer find any additional menus, buttons, or sections on the screen. And, oddly enough, such a strange approach to design is quite justified – there are no problems with optimization, missing fonts or ads. Quite the opposite – the verification mechanisms are perfected, work is easy and convenient, and the services are available even without access to the network.

Also, depending on the time of day, the Google Authenticator theme uses a day or night theme. From the changes – a new background (or snow-white or black), font and a strip bordering the top edge.

Google Authenticator Features

  • generating codes without internet connection;
  • support for multiple users and accounts;
  • Android Wear support;
  • a dark design for the Google Authenticator app.

Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Category Tools
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 3+

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