Block Strike is a multiplayer military tactical action game that mixes modes, maps and atmosphere from the Counter-Strike series, and the style of Minecraft and Unturned.

The unexpected mix doesn’t offer custom mechanics or even try to impress with the sheer amount of cards and gear. Quite the opposite – the developers of Block Strike propose to perceive the action movie as short-term entertainment, filled with emotions and impressions and allowing you to relax after a hard school or work day.

Cards in Block Strike

Decorations and locations, although imperceptibly, but still very expectedly migrated from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Block Strike (free and without restrictions). Even with the naked eye, it is easy to notice direct parodies of De_Dust 2 and De_Mirage, Nuke and the infamous Pool map. And, although the way of rendering the environment has changed compared to the tactical action movie from Valve (instead of realistic textures – pixels and blocks from Minecraft), the parodies are too obvious and predictable, which makes it difficult to perceive battles as something unexpected and non-standard.

I have already had to navigate through virtual locations thousands of times, and making a new race is no longer interesting at all. Exclusive maps are also available, but in small numbers and only for certain modes – those that offer shooting at speed, gain points by jumping, or compete with opponents in tight mazes.


The developers from Rexet Studio immediately after the release of Block Strike focused on adding custom events and modes to each running server. First, “Team confrontations” and “Team Death Run” appeared in the menu, a little later a tab with “Hunger Games” and “Zombie Survival”, “Bunny Hop” and “Surf” opened.

After a number of updates, the list of activities has already exceeded 15 varieties, worked out to the smallest detail: tips for beginners, recommendations for professionals, a well-thought-out system of selecting opponents depending on recent activity and skill level – there are hardly those who will not appreciate the available Block Strike modes and won’t even try to check the cards for all the fun. But, if the endless variety is not to your taste or has long been tired, you should not worry anyway – the classic rating selection has not disappeared anywhere, but stably binds together those who strive to fight almost without a break for the highest positions in the leaderboard.


Pistols, machine guns, machine guns and shotguns, rifles and melee weapons – the Block Strike game is worth downloading at least because of the huge amount of equipment available from the start – without additional payments and subscriptions. It’s a pity it will take a long time to get used to shooting – because of the strange physics and too high response, it is extremely difficult to aim even at a stationary target without training.


The latest version brought several important changes to Block Strike at once: finally, there was support for skins for weapons, additional modes and maps were still opened, and the developers once again got rid of errors and problems (as practice suggests, crashes were reduced by 30%, and does not throw it out of the servers because of network problems). It has become easier to play Block Strike, but there are even more impressions ahead, which means you shouldn’t lag behind on the turns, it’s time to engage in another battle!


Block Strike has been released on Android and iOS for a long time. The version for computers is still in limbo: the developers either move on to testing, then abandon a possible port, or suggest using the Nox App Player emulator. As a result, it is still impossible to download Block Strike on a PC in an official way – you will have to use a bypass in the form of an emulator, and after that, you will have to configure the mouse and keyboard for control.

Block Strike – the objective of the game is simple – to win. It doesn’t matter how, or what, it’s simple – to win. Try yourself in shooting with other players, as well as friends. Buy weapons, upgrade them, change their appearance, change the appearance of your character. Open cases and get coins.

Various Block Strike Weapon Skins

  • Normal quality
  • Basic quality
  • Professional quality
  • Legendary quality

Various game modes

  • Team battle
  • Death Run
  • Arms Race
  • The Hunger Games
  • Zombie Survival
  • Bunny Hop
  • Surf
  • Massacre
  • AWP mode
  • Hunter
  • Random
  • Deathmatch
  • King of the Hill
  • Arena
  • Only
  • Juggernaut

Combat system

Battles in Block Strike unfold on those maps that are provided by the selected mode. In classic team fights, you will have to fight on maps from CS: GO, and even with quite familiar goals – hostage protection, shootouts to the bitter end, deactivation of bombs. As in the action movie from Valve, you will have to share in teams of 5-6 participants, and after that you will start your direct duties. Of the surprises – increased dynamics.

Each target is given not 2-3 minutes, but only 60 seconds. As a result, the fights are completed in some 10-15 minutes, after which there is a chance to return to the lobby again, select a new mode and map, and then start fighting again.

The way opponents are matched will change depending on the recent results. After a series of victories, the enemies will become noticeably stronger (it’s worth downloading Block Strike for free if you are already tired of winning everyone in action movies from competitors), and the requirements for skills will increase greatly – you will have to act almost flawlessly.

Ratings and Difficulty

It is difficult to adapt to the events taking place on the screen, although the developers have introduced special training for beginners, and added a mode for battles with artificial intelligence of low complexity, and even tried to optimize the matchmaking system for those who have not yet gained experience and those who are already able to take leading positions in the rating.

But due to a complex control system with a bunch of buttons and a small number of settings (even the speed of rotation of the camera was not allowed to be changed until the version of Block Strike 5.2.1), you have to get used to everything for several hours. A separate topic is jumps and unknown cards that are automatically picked up in the lobby. While every turn is being studied, the rivals are quickly gaining an advantage and begin to crush allied positions almost at lightning speed, without giving even a chance to win.

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Additional Information

  • License Free
  • Requires Android 4.0 and up
  • Category Action
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 12+
  • Download Block Strike for other OS Not available

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