Описание приложения Milkbasket

Milkbasket delivers milk, bread, eggs, butter, juices and other daily need items, every morning, right at your doorstep, free of charge.

We deliver in selected societies in Gurgaon.

The most hassle-free, easy to manage delivery system
With your needs in mind, Milkbasket is designed to provide extreme convenience and comfort right at your doorstep, same time every day.

Setup your account
Your account is made up and alive instantly. Make sure your account is topped up with sufficient balance.

Start your delivery
We send you your orders daily, without you having to worry about our whereabouts.

Daily deliveries
We come to your doorstep every morning, early morning – so you always get the deliveries within the comfort of your home.

Create repeat orders
Like to buy butter every week? Or ketchup only once a month? Set your orders to repeat only when you need them.

Track your account
Keep a tab on your daily expenses and also a consolidated view of spendings over the last week or month.

Set vacation time-offs
Off for a vacation? Just set the vacation start and end dates and we won't deliver on those dates.

Дополнительная информация

  • Лицензия
  • Совместимость
    Android 4.0 или более поздняя
  • Категория
  • Возрастные ограничения
  • Разработчик
  • Язык
    Русский, Английский
  • Устройства
    Мобильный телефон, планшет
  • Версия приложения
    Последняя версия с официального сайта разработчика

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