Chennai, capital city of Tamil Nadu, is the commercial, cultural and educational hub of South India. It is one of the top ten most populous cities of India. It is home to major attractions and sightseeing that have attracted many tourists and sea-lovers worldwide.
‘Chennai’ Windows app is a complete virtual tour guide to the charming city of Chennai. Get detailed and up to date information about categories such as Weather, City Map, Must Visit, Nightlife, Emergency, AutoGas and Lingo Help.
• Weather: Get the most recent weather updates before you step out to explore the city.
• City Map: The City Map is your pathfinder that helps you navigate through the city and reach your desired destination easily from wherever and anytime.
• Must Visit: Get list of Must see places in Delhi. Get precise information of the location via 'Augmented Reality'.
• Nightlife: Enjoy the lively Night Life of City. Get a list of such places with their name, address, phone number etc.
• Emergency: Get emergency help anywhere anytime in a few clicks about Airlines, Medical, Crime, Railways, Tourist Enquiry, etc.
• AutoGas: This section will help user to find nearest CNG & LPG gas stations in Chennai and also get route to station from your current location.
• Lingo Help: Translate any language to English.
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