You are a super Sniper Assassin hero working for your country’s top secret agency of special armed forces group and your role is of an undercover agent where you have to shoot to kill the most wanted criminals of your country in multiple silent assassin missions, all those criminals have been sentenced to death by the top court of the country in absentia. Missions added in Modern City Sniper Assassin are most wanted missions, where you are on a special secret mission to hunt down and kill those criminals in this game of war and book their tickets to hell. Being a Super Sniper Assassin Hero you have to safeguard the victims who are suffering from the criminal offence of these offenders. You should not have any mercy for these killers so be an ultimate modern sniper hero and a real hitman sniper shooter as you can’t compromise on the lives of innocent peoples trying to escape for their lives so be ready for an ultimate shoot to kill mission and Save the civilians in cross fire and bomb explosion so Aim right and take head shots in one of the deadliest assault missions of its kind like real game of war in pro 2016.
Since Criminals have proved guilty of executing horrible terror attacks that are illegal and punishable by law like, serial killer, prison escape, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking / Distribution, child kidnapping, Robbery, Money Laundering, traitor to the nation etc., these lawbreakers must be wiped off with your top sniper shooting skills and training and multiple high profile sniper guns and assault rifles.

It’s not a war on terror but rather a more dangerous game of war with criminals hidden within society so you must play your role as its call of duty from the country and your state is in state of emergency so your role is key to combat any riots and tragedy in case these criminals succeeds in executing their plans.

Modern City Sniper Assassin 3D is more realistic game of 2016 having real time scenarios in combating and encountering criminal’s plans in multiple deadly missions, so take the cover and invade the enemies of humanity as a silent assassin hitman and honor your commitment with your duty for country as its game of war & don’t let your people get in to fire age in this game of war.

Modern City Sniper Assassin 3D is top sniper shooting and best action game so apply your best sniper counter strike skills and steal the victory in this modern warfare.

Modern City Sniper Assassin 3D – Pro 2016 - одна из популярных игр для Windows Phone в категории Экшн и приключения. Игры действительно делают нашу жизнь более яркой и интересной. Эта игра активно используется на смартфонах, планшетах, других устройствах, имеет довольно широкую целевую аудиторию и распространена практически по всему миру. Возрастное ограничение этого приложения 16+. На Вы можете скачать бесплатно Modern City Sniper Assassin 3D – Pro 2016 для Windows Phone. - международная мультиплатформенная площадка мобильных приложений и игр. Скачайте Modern City Sniper Assassin 3D – Pro 2016 бесплатно от разработчика SoftianZ и пользуйтесь с удовольствием.

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  • Лицензия
  • Требуемая версия
    Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
  • Категория
    Экшн и приключения
  • Возрастные ограничения
  • Разработчик
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