Yamb (Yahtzee or Jamb) is a dice game. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by throwing the dice, whereby the player gets different combinations which have a certain number of points. The game was created by expanding the game Yahtzee, designed by Milton Bradley in the 50s of 20th century.

This game can play an unlimited number of players, but the minimum number is one. Yamb (Yahtzee or Jamb) can be played with 5 or 6 dice, but the sixth dice counts as extra. Each player is allowed to throw the dice three times. In each of the throws the player selects the dice he wants (separating them), then he throws the remaining dice. The player throws three times and after that enters the result.

Yamb (Yahtzee or Jamb) has several variants with different numbers of columns and combinations to play. The basic variant includes 4 columns ("Down", "Free", "Up" and "Announcement").

Yamb (Yahtzee or Jamb) Forever game is a version mentioned above (4 columns on the score sheet with 6 dice).


1. The first column "DOWN" (marked with an arrow down↓) have to be filled in the order from 1 to yamb, the cells must not be skipped.

2. The second column, "Free" (marked with arrows up and down↑↓), can be filled by choice, ie. in any order.

3. The third column, "Up" (marked with an arrow up↑) have to be filled from yamb to 1, and as in the first column the cells must not be skipped.

4. The fourth column is ”Announce”. This column can be played after the first throw. The player has to choose some dice and is obliged to "announce" (tick the cell that he announces) then he throws two more times for the cell that is announced. A player can not announce the cell after the second throw. Of course, what is obtained after the first throw can be written in this column and the player can complete the move in this way.

5. If the sum of the column (from 1 to 6) is 60 or greater than 60, the player gets bonus +30 more to the sum, which is achieved for a given column, otherwise there is no bonus.

6. To fill in the cells MIN and MAX the player must leave all 5 dice, otherwise it is not possible to write the score.

7. The sum below the cells MIN and MAX is calculated by deducting the MIN from the MAX, then the difference is multiplied by the number of aces in that column.

8. Depending on which attempt Kent is obtained, Kent can have different value as follows: The first attempt is 66, the second attempt is 56, the third attempt is 46. Kent is not divided into small and large, it does not matter if it is 1,2,3,4,5 or 2,3,4,5,6. The result only depends from which throw Kent is obtained.

9. BONUSES for FULL , POKER and YAMB are in the following order: FULL (+30), POKER (+40), YAMB (+50).

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