Track and follow your friends using the Buddy Tracker.

This easy to use app allows you to see your buddies live on the map as they move. You can keep track of where everyone is at, and meet up or follow them. See your friends move in real time on the map and in comparison to your position. The app can run in the background unobtrusively so you can use your phone without any interruption.

But it gets even better… You can track any user that is running the application not only from your phone but also from the internet. So, when your buddy goes out for a walk or other activity – you can follow his positions on the website or on your phone. You only need one phone running the app and you can track it from home!

You can also see your ANDROID device friends on your map when they run the 'buddy gps tracker' application which can be found on the 'Google play store'.

The ‘buddy tracker’ uses the minimal amount of data transfers in order to achieve the tracking and the frequency of updates is set up by you. This way you have full control of the data transfers.

Setting up the application is extremely easy and is done in two very clear steps:
(1) Create a profile for yourself.
(2) Create your buddies.
Couldn’t be much simpler!!

Your profile has only three fields to fill. (a)User Name (b) Password (c) Public Key. In order for others to track you, you give them your user name and your public key.

Using the same logic when you define your buddies, you enter their usernames and their keys. – Yes it is that easy…..

The potential uses of the application are thousands including tracking a sales team or a fleet of vehicles, organizing a paintball team, biking with others or even skiing with friends and actually meeting up !!!!

From business to leisure you can use this app and enjoy its easy user interface and logical layout.

Have fun.

Version 2 includes post to facebook !
Version 2.10 better UI and small fixes

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