Sudoku Capture's focus is on capturing, generating, and solving Sudoku puzzles. Your phone’s camera can be used to directly capture a printed Sudoku puzzle. This lets you work on your favorite printed puzzles in a portable electronic format. Puzzles can also be generated from photographs stored on the phone. A built in OCR function scans the picture and generates a puzzle. Send the photograph to another Sudoku Capture or Windows 8 SudokuBay app user to compare your puzzle-solving skills.
Sudoku Capture also creates new puzzles with no symmetry, two-way symmetry, or four-way symmetry. Symmetric puzzles are more attractive, which is why many published Sudoku puzzles are symmetric. All generated puzzles can be solved using logic—guessing is not necessary. Four levels of difficulty can be chosen: easy, medium, hard, and even harder. Sudoku Capture assigns a number to each generated puzzle. You can share a puzzle number with your friends and all work on the same puzzle at once. Numbered puzzles can also be shared with the Windows 8 SudokuBay app.
Sudoku Capture also lets users save a puzzle at any stage in the solution for latter retrieval. The save feature is particularly useful if you see a puzzle you would like to photograph, but are in the middle of solving another puzzle.
Sudoku Capture has all the features expected of a Sudoku application, such as erase and undo buttons, a hint button that selects a cell that can be filled using existing information, a next button that fills in one cell, a check button to see if the partial solution is correct, and a solve button that fills in all the remaining cells. It also supports notes—two radio buttons are used to toggle between normal entries and note entries.
The erase button deletes all entries in the selected cell—including note cells. To delete a single entry in the selected note cell simply type the number you want to delete.

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