★ Lawyers software is one management tool that allows efficient management of clients information in terms of organization, scheduling and lots more. The software offers a speedy and simple to use interface with the main menu depicting four icons, Lawyers, Clients, Reports and Scheduler.
★ The Lawyers section allows every lawyer to setup a personal profile which depicts all information using which lawyers can be selected for specific cases. Also previous list of clients can be found for every lawyer in this section and accordingly new appointments can be made viewing the last as well. Previous or existing customers can also be searched from the list of a lawyer and can also be contacted by the program directly.
★ Similarly the Clients section, shows all information related to clients including name, addresses, email, telephone numbers of mobile and work, etc. you can easily search the details of any client of you require information for a case and immediately make calls from the program directly as well.
★ The Clients section holds in all information about the company's or lawyer's clients along with the provision of capturing their photos, to maintain with other records.
★ The Reports section offers details of all appointments including name of client, time of appointment, total earned income and the name of the lawyer as well. This section is a mini report version which also shows previous meetings with the client along with date and time.
★ The Scheduler shows a calendar on which appointments can be checked and new can be made. Every date at the top corner, also lists the earned amount of the day making it easy to calculate daily income. Through clicking on a date you can easily view all job details, earnings, appointments of the day.
★ Lawyers software is the ultimate information management tool that lawyers of modern age seek today, as it offers every function that facilitates efficient and effective management of all information and data pertaining o different lawyers and cases.

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    Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1
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    Business Software