Privacy Policy

Terms used in the privacy policy

  • Website ( is an Internet resource located on the domain.
  • Service – placement (publication) of information materials on the Site based on the user’s request.
  • Site User (User) – any person who views the site and also uses any of the site’s services.
  • Information on the site is information (messages, links, data, etc.) that is posted on the Site. Privacy Policy is committed to the privacy of site users and the protection of information that users provide when interacting with the site. The privacy policy is designed to inform users of the website about what information is requested by the site when interacting with the user and how it is used in the future.

Information about the client, user account

Client and user account information provided by the site user (for example, email address, postal address, phone number, passwords, social media accounts, credit card and payment details, etc.) is extremely confidential, not sold or disclosed to third parties parties, but will be used to provide you with the services described on this site.

Privacy of contact details uses forms for submitting materials by users to post these materials on the site, which the user fills in and submits independently, thereby agreeing to the publication of these materials on the site. In the forms for submitting materials (articles, announcements, news, etc.), we request contact information (name and / or email address, among other information) in order to provide information to users about the placement of submitted materials. We do not sell or disclose email addresses to third parties. It is permissible to publish this information on in the interests of the user.

All information (including any contact information) that the user provides in the forms for sending ads, resumes, vacancies, company data during company registration, scientific articles and scientific papers is published on the site in the public domain to implement the functioning of this information in the interests of the user (for example, so that a potential employer could contact the user using the user’s contacts indicated in the resume, which was sent for publication on the site by the user through the contact form). At the user’s request, contact information can be changed or deleted by the site administration.

Confirmation of subscription to the newsletter. The site provides the opportunity to confirm the subscription for mailings. For this, the user’s email address is used to confirm the subscription and to verify the correctness of the specified email address. The reply to this email is required to complete the subscription to any mailing lists and newsletters. The user can unsubscribe to the email that he indicated earlier, and then subscribe to it again from the new email address.

Cancellation of subscription. The user can unsubscribe or unsubscribe from any mailings to which he previously subscribed. The email that the user receives will contain the information required to unsubscribe.

Communicate with users, account holders and customers. When a site user provides with his email address or other contact information, the site administration may save this information to process the requests of these users and to improve the quality of the services provided.

Business relationship. Customers, account holders and / or site users are believed to be in business with, so site owners may need an email address in order to contact you to provide site services.

Personal information and other data requested by the site asks for personal information such as username, email address, postal address, phone numbers, social media accounts, etc. when registering a user account on the site, when the user places information on the site (articles, ads, vacancies, resumes), when paying for the site’s services to receive various services we provide (for example, creating a user account, publishing articles). The site administration can combine information received from users with information from third parties in order to ensure the most complete use of the services. uses cookies (a small piece of data sent by a web server and stored on the user’s computer) and other technologies in order to provide the user of the site with high-quality services and to find out how the site’s services are used so that they can be constantly updated and improve. servers can automatically record / save information every time a user visits the site or uses any of the site’s products or services. This may include information such as IP address, URL, browser type, domain name, date and time of access, operating system, source country, language, pages viewed and user sessions to help identify problems and / or provide site services to users.

How can use the information received

  • The use of personal information specified by users to provide services ordered by users and for our own research and development in order to produce and improve the services and products offered by the site, as well as develop new services and products.
  • Transfer of statistical, non-personalized information to third parties outside of
  • When engaging third parties to help process users’ personal information (for example, an advertising service provider, etc.), we require them to comply with this privacy policy, non-disclosure of personal information and security measures.
  • Providing information to third parties in a limited number of cases, such as facilitating litigation, preventing alleged fraud or imminent harm, and securing networks and services.
  • The use of the postal and e-mail addresses of users in order to send information regarding the use of the site’s services.
  • Conducting surveys among account holders and / or users in order to improve the quality of the services provided.

Links to third-party resources

This site contains links to third party sites that are not covered by this privacy policy. The site administration ensures the activity of links to third-party sites, but is not responsible for the content of these sites. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of third-party sites yourself.

Specific Advertising Terms and Conditions

The site uses the services of both internal and third party advertising companies to serve advertisements on the site based on personally identifiable information. In order to track the effectiveness of advertisements and improve the quality of the site for users, these companies use information about visits by site users to serve relevant advertisements. The information they collect and use may include IP address, geographic location, cookies and data previously obtained. The site administration does not provide personal information to advertisers when users use or view a targeted advertisement, however, by viewing or using an advertisement, the user agrees to the possibility that the advertiser will consider him to be consistent with the target criteria for displaying an advertisement.

Third-party ad providers, including Google and Yandex, use cookies to serve ads based on the user’s previous site visits. Advertising preference cookies allow Google and Yandex and their partners to serve ads based on the user’s visits to this and / or other sites.

Users can turn off the display of personalized ads from Google in the “Advertising Preferences” section of their Google Account. Alternatively, the user can go to and prevent third-party providers from using cookies to display personalized ads.

Users can also go to the websites of ad providers and disable the use of cookies to serve personalized ads (if available). Please visit to prevent certain vendors from using cookies to display personalized ads.

Security control and data integrity takes reasonable security measures at the appropriate level to prevent loss, abuse or distortion of controlled information, including control procedures and special training for employees working directly with databases. The site administration takes measures to protect against illegal access to personal data, including considerations of the physical safety of the data stored by us. Access to personal information is restricted to employees, contractors and agents who need this information to provide, update and provide services on this site.

Information about partners

All information regarding partners, including postal addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc. strictly confidential. This information is requested for the purpose of processing payments in accordance with tax laws and for providing site services.

Notice of Changes to This Privacy Policy will update the privacy policy as necessary. In this regard, the site administration recommends to periodically review the provisions of the privacy policy in order to be aware of how the privacy of users is ensured.

Choice of site users

The site user may refuse to provide personal information to receive the site services. In this case, may not be able to provide these services.


Despite the fact that the site administration makes the necessary efforts to ensure the privacy of users, it may be necessary to provide users’ personal information at the request of the law or in our sincere belief that such an action is necessary to comply with the law, or to help in legal proceedings regarding the Anderbot site. com, or to establish and exercise legal rights, or to defend against legal charges.