Mobile clinic DOC+ is 24/7 healthcare right in your phone. Do you need an urgent doctor’s advice? Just write us in chat and get a free consultation. Do you need to be examined? Just book a visit via two clicks and the doctor will be at your place soon. You can do blood test as well as any other analysis or get a sick list – everything just from your phone without leaving your home.

All your data is gathered in a convenient medical card, including orders information, medical records, tests or examinations results and so on.

Every doctor or nurse in DOC+ is strictly examined. We gather the best specialists who are not only experienced professionals, but can tell you everything about what happens in your body using simple language understood by everyone. You can book a visit in Moscow region and in Saint-Petersburg.

Each of our new users can use a special promotional code DOBRO. Just enter it in mobile app and your next visit will become 300 rubles cheaper. But first of all – be healthy!

DOC+ mobile clinic - salah satu aplikasi Android terpopuler di kategori Kedokteran. Aplikasi mobile jenis ini sangat menyederhanakan kehidupan kita sehari-hari. Aplikasi ini banyak digunakan pada smartphone, tablet dan perangkat lainnya, memiliki khalayak yang cukup luas, dan tersebar hampir di seluruh dunia. Batas usia aplikasi ini Rating 3+. Anda dapat mendownload DOC+ mobile clinic untuk Android di gratis. - portal multiplatform internasional untuk aplikasi dan game mobile. Download DOC+ mobile clinic bebas dari pengembang Doconcall dan gunakan dengan senang hati.
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