Do you want to take a part of your time and spend it with your lovely characters in an amazing running adventure ? do you really want to live the life of the thrill so jery runner amazing adventure give you this opportunity so let’s have fun with jerry

Our funny game: jerry runner amazing adventure is free so don’t hesitated to try it . you can do so many things in this game running jumping and fighting escaping and swimming too . you have a lot of items in this game you can get it by helping mouse jerry to collect cheese . also it gives you other character to play with . we are all loved that battle between cat and mouse such as tommy and his friend .‮‮‮ ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
How to play : is very simple you need just to tap buttons on your phone’s screen you have two buttons and arrows to move your little mouse
B: run and shoot fire
this can make you finish your great and running adventure without difficulties , so don’t hesitated to help your hero to find the right way to eat cheeses‬‬‬
Features :
- Easy gameplay for a kids games
-wonderful design and beautiful view of worlds
- Running and jumping and swimming
-you have multi worlds and a lot of levels
- jerry game Collect so many cheese
-beautiful view of the jungle
-free jerrys games
-Different level worlds and levels (Garden, jungle, desert, underworld)
- nice songs
- Free and without Wi-Fi or internet

for more information don’t hesitated to contact us

Jery Runner Amazing Adventure - salah satu game Android terpopuler di kategori Arkade. Permainan benar-benar membuat hidup kita lebih hidup dan menarik. Game ini secara aktif digunakan pada smartphone, tablet, perangkat lain, memiliki khalayak sasaran yang cukup luas dan didistribusikan hampir ke seluruh penjuru dunia. Batas usia aplikasi ini Rating 3+. Anda dapat mendownload Jery Runner Amazing Adventure untuk Android di gratis. - portal multiplatform internasional untuk aplikasi dan game mobile. Download Jery Runner Amazing Adventure bebas dari pengembang Funniest World's Games dan gunakan dengan senang hati.
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