Steps, burnt calories , distance, time of walking and average speed is displayed when you walk.
How to use is very simple. Click the Start button, you can simply carry a smartphone as usual.
All workouts are immediately able to confirm the graph on the screen.
Now get ready to start walking.

How to use
· The number of steps, walking time and distance (m), calories burned, average speed, touch the graph shows the movement history of the item.
· Tracks are available in daily, weekly, monthly three forms.
Also, walking goals daily, weekly, you can set up a monthly basis.
· Through the calendar you can check the movement recorded at a glance.
· If you want to correctly display calorie consumption exactly the age, sex, weight, please input your foot.
· You can set it manually if the automatic set the pace different from your own stride.
· Try to users around the world and walk through a leaderboard competition.
· You can more easily manage the movement recorded by the provided list.

· Set the height and weight for a more accurate measurement. This sets the calculation for the walking stride stride and run it.
· Set and, if you set up a profile to fit your workout more efficient and accurate measure.
Movement in daily life, you can reduce the errors contained in the number of steps when setting the effective continuous pace.
Select the sensitivity for your own device.
Sets whether or not pop up alert notifications via the Status bar settings.

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