Welcome to Dice! Dice is a high powered, time-saving app that can be used for any type of game involving dice. It is fast, simple, and highly customizable. It’s completely ad-free for the best experience. In the app, you can choose to roll up to six dice all at once (and 12 with the Pro Upgrade), which makes it easy to use with most board games. You can stop certain dice from rolling whenever you want, so you can play games like Yahtzee! It also allows you to shake your device to roll the dice. It saves time by speaking the total out loud, without having to count. You can also roll 20, 12, and Custom sided dice with all the other ones. For more customization, the user has control over Vibration, Sound Effects, and the Rolling Animation. Thanks for downloading!

Dice Feature List:
- Roll up to six standard dice at once (and 12 with Dice Pro)
- Use 20, 12, and Custom sided dice on the same screen
- Shake device to roll the dice
- Speaks added total of all dice out loud
- Long press on dice to see number of sides
- Tap to hold dice, and stop them from rolling
- Control over vibration, sound effects, voice, rolling animation and much more
- Help screen for support
- Best dice rolling app in the world (totally not bragging)

Thanks for downloading the best dice rolling app in the universe! We really love to hear from our users, so please leave us a review and let us know what you think!

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    Rating 3+
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