Pulse Browser finds everything you are looking for, protects your device from viruses and intrusive ads and gives you a clean way of following the most interesting stories from the web.

Why Pulse Browser?

* Built-in smart news feed gives you a number of personalization options and shows only content you are interested in.
* Incognito mode helps you to browse without leaving a trace.
* Visual Bookmarks allow to access your favorite websites in one tap.
* Search suggestions provide quick and relevant search results.
* All-in-one downloader organizes your photos, videos and music in an easy manner.

Smart news feed advantages

* You can read articles from 3000 online-magazines and content sites with no suffering from information overload.
* Sport, Health, Beauty, Fashion, Politics, Technology, etc. – all news tailored just for you. You can add or delete every category or source, just as you like.
* Based on smart NeuroClick technology news feed analyzes your interaction with the content (what news, topics and source you open) and displays more stories you are interested in.
* Videos in news feed don’t freeze or crash because of Stable-play technology.
* It’s very simple to share interesting article or download it to your Android device.

Download Pulse Browser now and enjoy Internet surfing and new online news-reading experience for free!

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