Most of the Smartphones do not support Punjabi Font and due to this you cannot Read/View Punjabi Messages in your Smartphone. But now don't worry because with this Application you will be able to View all the Punjabi Text Font Instantly in your Smartphone without any difficulty in just 3 Steps.

Just Follow these Steps:-
Install and Open the Application
Select and Copy the Font that you cannot Read
DONE. Read it instantly!!

Its extremely easy to use this Application and there is no Rocket Science for it. Just follow above mentioned 3 simple steps and you will able to Read/View Message in Punjabi Language Instantly.

In other Application you need to go through extremely difficult procedures to Read the Message in Punjabi Language and that too is not up to the mark. Whereas in this Application we have made sure that the Quality of the Text is absolutely perfect so that you can Read the Message exactly as it is.

Features and Functionalities:
✔ Instant View
You can View the Punjabi text instantly in the same screen.

✔ Instant Share
You can even Share the text with your Friends and Family instantly

✔ Save Message
You can even Save the text for Future use.

✔ Extremely User Friendly
Just open the Application once and you will completely understand it.

The main aim behind the Development of this Application is to connect users to their Mother Language. Because the Fun Part is extreme when you Read the Message in your own Mother Language.

Note:- This Application is only for those who wants to see Punjabi Font in Android Smartphones. It's not a translator from English to Punjabi or Punjabi to English.

View in Punjabi Font - Tööriistad kategooria üks populaarsemaid Android rakendusi. Seda tüüpi mobiilirakendused lihtsustavad meie igapäevaelu. Seda rakendust kasutatakse laialdaselt nutitelefonides, tahvelarvutites ja muudes seadmetes, sellel on üsna suur publik ja see levib peaaegu kogu maailmas. Selle taotluse vanusepiirang Alates 3. eluaastast. Saate tasuta alla laadida View in Punjabi Font Android-le - mobiilirakenduste ja -mängude rahvusvaheline mitmetasandiline portaal. Laadige alla View in Punjabi Font arendaja Ebizz Apps tasuta ja naudige seda rõõmuga.
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