Eggs Catcher Crouch


"Cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck" Eggs Catcher Crouch is now on google play, now catch eggs with crouch in your Android device. Just in time for eggs crouch! Bringing back a funny game from someone childhood memories. Bounce and catch eggs in basket. The objective of this simple game, you must catch all the eggs that are falling from hen house in your basket,with out BLACK Egg.
We developed this game with best graphics and user friendly options to play.
Eggs catcher crouch is super addictive game. It is free and based on simple rules. In this Eggs catcher crouch game Just you have to catch the white eggs and avoid from black egg. On white egg will increase 2 in score. Basket is very vast and it's difficult to avoid black eggs so be aware from catching black eggs. Catch the White eggs and beat high score. Eggs catcher Crouch based on arcade mode, speed of eggs will increase by time. And you have to move the basket faster to make high score in Egg Cather Classic.
His is a game simply developed for kids and adults. With Egg collect you can test your speed and accuracy with this highly addictive game.

This game have an Egg collect and is dropping eggs everywhere! Your task is to save eggs from falling to the ground after all who wants to spoil his own earnings. If you drop 5 eggs your game will come to an end. All eggs have 2 points without black rotten one.
This is a multiple level game. Player taps the screen to move the basket to collect eggs falling from hen house. Hen is very happy if you help her to collect all eggs. Hey, why not give it a try?
Catch Eggs is lovable and fascinating which is fun for whole family, mostly for girls and children.
If you know someone who is fan of chicken games, suggest them this one. "Kruk Kruk”......

★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★

There are four types of eggs
Normal Egg = Color White
Negative Egg = Black In color
Bonus Egg = Golden in Color
Home Egg = Brown in color
Egg points will increase or decrease according your stage.
Collect as many eggs as you can in the egg basket to proceed and score more.
Your target is to catch the golden eggs as many as possible in the basket.
Catching 1 golden egg will increase score by 2.
Drag the basket to left or right using your finger swipe or tap any place anywhere on screen to drag directly the basket to bottom of that tapped place.
If you catch a black egg, game will be over.
View the current score and the highest score.
Pause or Play the Game.
Just touch and swipe the bucket Left or Right to collect the eggs.
If you collect enough, you will move onto the next level.
If you miss or drop five eggs to the floor the Hen will get mad at you and you will lose the game....
Funny android game

Bullets for this Game:

• Arcade Mode Addictive Game.
• Catch White, avoid black.
• Speed will increase by Time.
• This Fun Game is Free.

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