Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a Hollywood blockbuster from the world of mobile and computer entertainment, diligently telling about the life of Carl Johnson, who moved to San Andreas and was forced to help corrupt cops for the safety of family and friends.

The hero will visit the streets of the metropolis, mired in corruption, drug trafficking and the war between criminals who decided to divide the districts into personal branches of evil.

And it is no longer possible to stand aside when the judgment over good and justice is being decided: Karl will have to become a part of the universe, where the shooting does not subside even at night, and money is already deciding other people’s destinies.

Features of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Adapted for mobile platforms – graphics with improved texture resolution, redesigned lighting, a new color palette with additional visual presets and updated character models turn the already familiar action movie Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas into a truly spectacular adventure, entertaining from start to end credits.
  • Complete sync of actionable information – achievements, recent results, ratings and actions – via proprietary Rockstar cloud services.
  • A flexible control system that allows displaying virtual joysticks for movement, buttons and switches. The sensations of the adversarial process will become brighter, and the discomfort will disappear almost immediately. And with a special automatic targeting system, even beginners will be able to follow Karl’s life without very serious efforts and experiments.
  • Permeated with unexpected events and plot twists, the story will make even those who are far from action and entertainment art nervous. Everyone will worry about the hero at once.
  • A complex system of interaction with the world around allows you to experiment with cars in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and with weapons and equipment. Accidents, shootings, chases, skydiving – observing local physics and looking for unexpected impressions will become interesting after the start of the storyline.

The open and seamless world of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas untied the hands of Rockstar developers and literally allowed the cramped streets and wide avenues to fill with new characters, entangled in both short fleeting stories and extensive stories with unexpected plot twists and turns. Crimes, detective investigations, battles between gangs, races, shootouts – already at the start, the protagonist will be able to become part of many conflicts and turn from an outside observer into the master of other people’s destinies.

Third-party characters in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, not woven into the main storyline, appear as you progress and depending on the current region – some will ask for help near the slums, while others – in industrial areas and Chinatowns. Depending on the place, the issued assignment and the general flavor of the secondary tests change. Somewhere it is definitely impossible to do without shooting and chases, but in some places it is better to act within the framework of the law.

In addition to nameless heroes, the main storyline is also riddled with third-party destinies – with nicknames, nicknames and a long list of bloody achievements. Karl will have to cooperate with the cops, deal with the organizers of the gangs and look for drug dealers who poison certain areas with low-quality goods.

Weapons and decorations

Equipment and weapons in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas almost completely migrated from the previous part of the series – Vice City. The developers only took care of visual innovations (pistols, machine guns, rifles – due to the increased detailing, all items in the hands of the protagonist look extremely realistic), and introduced a non-standard system of individual abilities.

From now on, Karl – with a sufficient amount of skill and training – will be able to shoot at once from 2 sawn-off shotguns, pistols, Micro-UZI or TEC-9, grabbing a weapon in each hand. The rate of fire will increase several times, but the accuracy will remain the same, despite the non-standard way of handling equipment.

Edged weapons have also changed. In addition to new types of knives, clubs and baseball bats, the chance to inflict critical damage to the enemy when attacking from stealth mode has been added. The defeated enemy will not make a sound and will not increase the wanted level.

The events of the new part of the series took place in the fictional state of San Andreas, located between California and Nevada and divided into three parts – Los Santos (32 districts with poor ghettos and business districts with prestigious real estate), San Fierro (a bunch of sights and references to San Francisco) and Las Venturas (recovered from Las Vegas).

The vast world in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas involves frequent driving by cars, bicycles, motorcycles and other vehicles, allowing you to get to the desired point on the map, saving a lot of time. But, if there is no hurry, then it is worth looking into every single corner of the universe – non-standard characters, streets flooded with the light of neon signs, rusted cars and endless rural fields overgrown with corn. You can look at the sights endlessly.

Versions and Access

The release of the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas officially took place in early 2000 on the PlayStation 2. You can download the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on different platforms. A little later – a year later – there were versions for Xbox, Microsoft Windows and MacOS. And by 2013, the action movie had become part of mobile iOS and Android.

Despite the number of platforms supported, almost everywhere Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas scores from 95 points out of 100, according to reviews from critics and users. The pluses of a Hollywood blockbuster often include expressive (albeit aging) graphics, and inventive mechanics that allow you to fight and interact with the world around you in various ways, and a colossal amount of content related to cars, characters and challenges.

But the disadvantages are very predictable – a fixed price (from 529 rubles – the cost depends on the chosen platform and region), which does not change even despite the release date. As before, you have to pay almost the full cost.

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Additional Information
  • License Paid
  • Requires Windows 8
  • Category Action
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 18+
  • Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for other OS Android