Disco Elysium is a multifaceted role-playing epic plot centered around an alcoholic police officer forced to investigate a murder in the fictional city of Revachol. Around – poverty, crime and complete impunity.

Shadows of lost hopes glide along the streets, everywhere bars with cheap drinks and residents who have lost faces in the struggle for life: almost immediately, the developers recreate an atmosphere of despair and cruelty, unusually close in spirit to a modern person, albeit placed in a slightly less colorful scenery. As a result, knowing the fate of the protagonist becomes even more curious and even more dangerous.

Disco Elysium Features

  • The colorful protagonist, who has lost his memory, is forced to cope with the characters around him, and with his own contradictions: uncertainty, fear, self-deception – in the course of the story, you have to delve into every part of the inflamed brain;
  • Communication with people around can take place in any way – through caustic and caustic phrases, intimidation, fights, or reading poetry. How each dialogue goes depends on skills, items and the chosen situation;
  • At the start, a cop is easy to “invent” by using the four skills in Disco Elysium (intelligence, psyche, physics and morale) and mixing with secondary characteristics. The resulting symbiosis will help “educate” a hero of honor or a soulless employee acting according to the law;
  • Unique visual style mixes together thousands of details – on the screen in Disco Elysium it is easy to see poverty from the 90s, expensive restaurants with neon signs, and gates with painted walls and garbage cans green from spoiled food: even a cursory overview of the scenery will make you believe in an alternate reality;
  • Unexpected plot twists will become part of the process and will present a cross between culture shock and reading a literary work, so close and well written.

Disco Elysium Walkthrough

The Disco Elysium walkthrough is built on elements of tabletop dice-throwing puzzles, Point & Click and RPG genres, and dialogues (not battles and shooting), allowing you to investigate, interact with the characters around (and with the main character too) and discover new narrative details … All events are displayed through the prism of an isometric projection: you have to move around the prepared scenery, collecting some items in your inventory, and the rest by examining and writing down curious details in a notebook.

The gameplay in Disco Elysium cannot be described in a few words: the events are dedicated to communication with passing special checks using dice, and intimidation, and the struggle with your own “I”, when it is important to either maintain your own “spirit” or go against. And each time events will make you happily fidget in your chair and delve deeper into reading, trusting your own emotions to the role-playing epic for many hours to come.


After the release, the RPG began to continuously collect enthusiastic comments from journalists and enthusiasts: many publications in the reviews dubbed Disco Elysium as an inimitable representative of the genre, able to stand on a par with such giants as “Witcher 3” and “Red Dead Redemption 2”. In the pluses, many include an extremely literary narrative with unexpected situations and complete freedom of action, and curious adversarial mechanics and even a visual style that depicts a cross between a comic book and an outright art house.

It is almost impossible to find negative comments – the licked technical part (no crashes, no mistakes), competent presentation and the ability to choose any role – help RPG to stay somewhere between 9.5-9.7 points out of 10. But the questions: How to change the language in Disco Elysium still keep developers fighting off demanding fans.

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Additional Information
  • License Paid
  • Requires Windows 10, 8, 7
  • Category Role Playing
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 16+
  • Download Disco Elysium for other OS Not available