Comodo Internet Security is a multifunctional anti-virus complex that ensures the security of files and confidential information on computers running Windows.

The developers call the entire set of algorithms and protection technologies “multifaceted” and “multilayered”, because behind the screen of a classic antivirus there is also a firewall that filters data downloaded from the network and launched files, an attack prevention system, and tools for automatic cleaning of suspicious information. An additional advantage of the complex is the presence of a non-commercial and freely distributed edition, assuming home use without serious functional restrictions. Against the background of competitors, this approach looks especially bold.

Comodo Internet Security Features

  • Antivirus. Out of the box, Comodo Internet Security offers round-the-clock diagnostics of hard drives, clipboard and other PC sectors against malicious threats. In addition to working in the background, the developers offer to build a schedule for analysis at a selected time of the day throughout the entire system at once.
  • Anti-spyware. Tracking software is nothing new: in Comodo Internet Security, a separate functional part is reserved for tools that can copy confidential information, track passwords, important documents or photos. And, as practice suggests, the antivirus copes with the task with a high quality – it warns about threats in advance, and the transfer of information without the permission of PC owners is suppressed in the bud. This is due to the Default Deny technology, which collects statistics on safe files, applications, services and tools that are often run on a computer. And, if some things are not on the list, the protection will work immediately.
  • Hacking. Rootkits, advertising banners, executable files that crash with an error, disappearing directories and partitions – the built-in capabilities of Defense + help block viruses even before the start of actions dangerous for the system.
  • Technologies. Comodo Internet Security in Free and Pro versions is packed with non-standard algorithms and concepts like Default Deny or Bot-Protection. It’s easy to call the Auto Sandbox mechanism a novelty, which involves launching certain files in an isolated space to diagnose content. Computers will remain safe all the way through the scan.
  • Modes. Background scanning is an important part of antivirus, but if multiplayer or single player victories are at stake, Comodo Internet Security can easily be put into Do Not Disturb mode. Messages and warnings will stop popping up on the screen, and running entertainment windows will stop minimizing at an inopportune moment.
  • Lists. More than 2 million verified files, documents and objects have already been added to the Comodo Internet Security database: even a cursory overview is enough to form an opinion about the individual products and sites found on the web.

Support, versions and payments

The release of Comodo Internet Security took place exclusively on computers with Windows operating systems: there is no antivirus for MacOS or mobile platforms with similar functionality. And developers are in no hurry to change traditions and diligently interact only with products from Microsoft, not forgetting about frequent updates and innovations. This is how support for Windows XP SP2 appeared, system requirements decreased (even 152 megabytes is already enough to run standard protection scripts), new translations and interface settings were added.

Comodo Internet Security is distributed in Free and Premium formats. The basic version does not even require preliminary registration and will help protect your computer from malicious software in standard operation mode, including surfing the network, interacting with external drives and downloading unknown files.

Available at $ 19.99 / year (fixed price, region agnostic), the Extended Edition offers even more benefits, such as helpdesk assistance and special instructions aimed at ensuring maximum protection for mobile and stationary equipment. Which version of Comodo Internet Security to download depends on the goals and objectives: as the developers suggest, even the basic version is enough for home use.


In Comodo Internet Security, the list of parameters is serious – except for changing modes (to “silent” and “without notifications” to standard), automatic launch of files in the sandbox, check of each visited site and change of the degree of protection are provided. The developers scattered the listed options on tabs, between which it is easy to move, changing the sliders, adding exceptions in Comodo Internet Security, and checking the tooltips that appear in Russian. It’s a pity that in some cases the selected parameters are not saved and are reset after restarting the computer, but for such cases, a tool has already appeared associated with cloud saves of basic or user-selected parameters.

Rating and Reputation

Reviews of Comodo Internet Security are strictly positive – both critics and standard computer owners point out stable functionality, a well-thought-out interface and protection mechanisms brought to technical perfection. A significant share of praise is also directed at the way of implementation – even in the Free version of Comodo Internet Security you cannot find flaws, because without payment and monthly subscriptions, computers are under serious protection and are hardly able to meet dangerous and previously unknown threats.

The disadvantages are rare, but still include strangely designed instructions, where it is difficult to pick up useful information and immediately figure out the details. Therefore, at the start, beginners will have to experiment for a long time.

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires Windows 10, 8, 7
  • Category Security
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 3+
  • Download Comodo Internet Security for other OS Not available