Temple Run 2 is an addicting game that will definitely not make you bored! The plot is based on the escape of the protagonist from an ancient monster, who awoke as the defender of an ancient temple, in which our character invaded in search of precious relics. There are no save points in Temple Run 2. After death, there is a chance to continue the journey by paying a gem or watching an advertising video.

Game Benefits

  1. Simply flawless graphics.
  2. There is no difficulty in management, especially for those users who played the previous version of Temple Run 2.
  3. In addition to various jumps, riding trolleys, etc., in Temple Run 2 you can collect various coins, for which, for example, you can improve your abilities. If the player improves such an ability as Shield Duration, then he will increase the effect of the shield. There are many other bonuses, for example, an increase in speed for a certain period of time, a magnet that automatically collects coins, etc.
  4. In addition to coins, you can also collect green crystals.
  5. Also, in order to unlock various bonuses for a character, you need to increase his level. This requires experience, which can be gained by completing game missions.

On the way from the abandoned temple, there will be gold tokens that must be collected for the subsequent purchase of improvements or new characters. There are 14 of them in total, where two of them are available exclusively for investing real money. The rest are opened for 5000 gold or as you receive small icons with images of a particular hero. Also, Temple Run 2 has purchase levels, the price of which is indicated in gems.

Temple Run 2 Features

  • Beautiful new graphics
  • Great new organic environments
  • New obstacles
  • More bonuses
  • Additional achievements
  • Special powers for each character in Temple Run 2

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