In the first week of work, the hero of the game Peace, Death! will receive Destiny – a tall skeleton in a hat, which will offer to turn over a random card. Behind it is a +5 bonus to the reputation of one of the 4 riders (determines the corresponding sign). Further, this character does not appear in the game, except for the DLC, where he acts as the employer of the reaper, who works for money.

Now about the role of the riders – sometimes they ask to work the day under their banners, for which the player receives influence points + money. In the course of the game, interaction with other employers does not affect the gameplay in any way, which cannot be said about the ending in Peace, Death! They take Death points as a basis and deduct from that amount of service to the remaining representatives of the apocalypse. The final result is influenced by:

  • the right advice to the intern given by phone;
  • number of opened safes;
  • unlocked achievements related to helping characters from other universes;
  • average score for each day.

A separate reward is given for the titles received in Peace Death. They are awarded based on the rating of the passed levels from E to A +. For 6 titles received, achievements with the appropriate name are given:

  • Detective;
  • Seer of Truth;
  • Punisher;
  • Death Minion;
  • The Great Reaper;
  • Hand of Death.

As for the endings themselves, they are all served in the form of text, where the player is praised or scolded for the achieved result.

Walkthrough Tips

If you are going to download the game Peace Death and pass it for the highest score, follow these tips:

  1. Do not disable disasters for money – for the duration of the event, the main timer is inactive, but the counter of missed souls continues to work.
  2. During a call from an intern, skip the first line and go to the second one with the client’s description.
  3. Spend money turning off your phone – an intern assigned to you takes a lot of time.
  4. When a client appears in front of you, first take off his glasses, then his hat. If there are no signs of a hellish creature, you can move on to scrubbing blood, removing weapons, etc.
  5. Refuse the riders’ commission, except Death.

This is another pixel project where the simple visual style doesn’t spoil the game at all. There are nagging about the display of weapons that blend in with the clothes of the customers, but this rarely happens. I am pleased with the complete translation of Peace Death into Russian. The soundtrack is excellent and his obsession is not annoying at all. It is convenient to operate on the touch screen:

  • tap in the direction of the elevator, where we send the soul;
  • use swipes to pull out the paradox agent card.

The project is a humorous clone of Papers, Please with simplified gameplay from the Russian studio AZAMATIKA. This does not make it boring to play, although closer to the last week it is difficult to figure out all the signs. Peace, Death! took place on PC (99 rubles), iOS (15 rubles) and Android (30 rubles). After completing the internship, access to the purchase of DLC opens.

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Additional Information
  • License Paid
  • Requires iOS 10.0 and up
  • Category Arcade
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 12+
  • Download Peace, Death! for other OS Windows