Hola VPN – unblock sites, applications and content, Speed ​​up your Internet connection, Keep your actions private. Hola VPN works by sharing the free resources of its users for the benefit of everyone. Hola VPN deservedly receives positive reviews for its intuitive interface and almost no useless features.

The cornerstone of the stumbling block is the P2P connection system, that is, all program users visit sites through active IP users within the system. Simply put, all requests on the network are processed on your behalf.

Hola VPN Features

  • Hola VPN is the only VPN that gives you easy direct access to your favorite websites that have been blocked or censored.
  • Unblock apps and websites from all over the world.
  • Hiding your IP address to access the Internet anonymously.
  • 100% free.
  • Easy country switching.
  • Make web pages load faster.
  • Reduces plan costs.
  • Access to sites that are blocked in your country through an innovative p2p network.
  • Speed ​​up your surfing by choosing the closest and fastest sources.
  • Reducing data costs.
  • Reducing device radiation.

Hola VPN developers from Hola Networks tried to create the most simple tool, which will not be difficult to understand. Therefore, after activation, the user immediately observes:

  • Select the country whose IP will be used;
  • Google search bar;
  • List of active applications installed on the mobile device.

In the upper right corner is the “More” tab, which answers the question of how to set up Hola VPN, since there is a tab with system settings. In addition to the transformation of the program’s functions, there are:

  • Unblocker – a tool that blocks the disconnection of the connection even when entering sleep mode.
  • Popular list – the appearance of several most visited sites in the search bar.
  • Clear History – clears the history of page visits.
  • Translation – allows you to help creators to Russify individual items in the menu.
  • Log in – log in with your Hola account.
  • Upgrade to PLUS – download plus version.

The app is far from new, which has allowed it to form a base of fans and haters. Basically, Hola VPN has positive reviews about the program. Many praise the built-in browser, fast connection to servers and a large selection of IPs from different countries.

Others, on the other hand, cannot figure out how to use Hola VPN due to connection delays or complete denial of service to provide access to the specified site. But if the Free version is praised by everyone, then Plus is accused of slow work and a paid basis. A large number of negative reviews appeared after corrections of the project code and cosmetic changes to the interface.

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Additional Information
  • License Free
  • Requires iOS 8.0 and up
  • Category Tools
  • Developer
  • Content Rating 17+
  • Download Hola VPN for other OS Not available