WhatsApp empowers small businesses

WhatsApp empowers small businesses

The developers of the WhatsApp messenger announced the introduction of advanced features for small businesses into the product.

Now, by correspondence with representatives of a brand of interest, users will be able to receive catalogs of goods and services, as well as make purchases, as well as receive the necessary consultations – directly in the chat. As noted in the official blog of the company, such a decision will provide invaluable assistance to companies belonging to the category of small businesses that have taken the brunt of the impact of the introduction of restrictive measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The promo video clearly shows how businesses will be able to send links to users in order to familiarize themselves with the offered range of products, and also demonstrates the process of adding products to the cart and placing an order, and this does not require leaving the application.

As Engadget notes, this functionality was present in WhatsApp before, but only in a stripped down version. It’s worth noting that Facebook has been making more and more efforts lately to expand the ability to purchase goods in its own applications.

So, quite recently, a tool called Facebook Shops was released and is designed to create catalogs that can be viewed directly inside Facebook, as well as Instagram. In connection with this circumstance, the fact that they decided to build such a function into WhatsApp is not at all surprising. It is noted that payment for purchases will be made through the Facebook Pay service.

Source: whatsapp.com