TOP 5 Selfie Apps for Android

May 18, 2018
TOP 5 Selfie Apps for Android

Not sure how to make your image perfect? Or maybe you want to add certain effects that will make your photo even more vivid and expressive? Then you need an app that will help you cope with these and many other tasks.

So let’s take a look at the best selfie apps for Android.

BestMe Selfie Camera

Ideal BestMe Selfie Camera is suitable for those who love various stylish filters. And this program has no shortage of them. Some of these filters are available immediately after downloading, while others can be downloaded from a periodically updated catalog. Here they are sorted into two catalogs – “Modnoe” and “New”. When the selfie is ready, you can decorate it with various stickers, or even make a photo collage.

Sure, BestMe Selfie Camera attracts many with its clean and simple interface, but it has too many intrusive ads. And yet this is the best of the top selfie apps for Android. By the way, an added bonus is that the app is completely free.

B612 – face recognition application

Featured in the list of Best Selfie Apps on Android, B612 is distinguished by the fact that it recognizes faces and then transforms them in online with various masks and exotic special effects. Want to give yourself the look of a fairytale hero? You are welcome!

Do you want to be a horror villain? No problem! Choose whatever your heart desires. Well, in order to create the necessary atmosphere, there are animations of falling autumn leaves, snowflakes and other weather phenomena. Well, if you prefer the classics, then traditional filters are also available here. And of course the B612 app is completely free.

Bestie – an application that allows you to create virtual jewelry

Bestie allows you to create masks and other virtual decorations. In order to make your photo even more enchanting, you need to choose the desired accessory in the catalog – and now this beauty is on your face! But there are also more classic possibilities here – including creating a collage, especially when it comes to family photography.

But many girls choose the Bestie app for the sake of an editor that allows you to hide imperfections such as wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, pimples, and so on. And yes, the camera is self-portrait, and the program itself is completely free.

Cymera – Collage Maker App

Do you like to create various collages that allow you to make one common from several photos? Then use the Cymera application, which has everything you need for this. So, for example, here you can customize the background of a photo, its size, shape, and arrange photos on the canvas in almost free order.

And those who like unusual shooting will like burst photography with further placement in a collage. As for the photo editor, it is also available here and allows you to quickly edit ready-made pictures. Cymera is a completely free selfie app for Android.

Candy Camera – Customizable Selfie Filters App for Android

For those who like a variety of customizable and reconfigurable filters, Candy Camera is ideal. After all, each filter in the library can be customized, thereby getting exactly the effect you want. An added bonus for Android selfie lovers is that Candy Camera works for both photos and videos. In addition, there is also a suitable program for collage lovers.

But, of course, Candy Camera deserves special love because of the photo editor, because with its help photos can be decorated not only with various stickers, but also with so-called “vanilla” effects – for example, rain drops, sun rays, various glare and so on. The appearance can also be edited – for this, just a couple of movements of your fingers are enough.

Retrica – Another Selfie Program for Android

Filters are available for any kind of shooting. An added benefit of the Retrica app is that you can create collages on the fly using burst shooting. If all of the above applications did not suit you, then be sure to try this. In addition, stickers are included as nice little things.

As you can see, there are currently enough programs to edit selfies on Android. With their help, you can not only add masks or interesting special effects, but also edit the appearance in the photo.