Useful note-taking apps on your phone

March 5, 2022
Useful note-taking apps on your phone

Digital Notes is a very useful and handy tool. Available for computers and mobile devices – they are always at hand. Let’s get to know the top five apps that will make our personal and professional life easier.

In the store or at a meeting, it is worth having an application with you in which you can record something. Digital notepads in smartphones and computers allow much more than a paper notepad and pen. Today we can dictate a note, write it down, we can also take a picture of the text and import it into the program.

Google Keep

Google Keep is an online service and application from Google for creating various types of notes. These can be audio, text (including lists with flags), drawings and photo notes.

Google Keep – Notes and Lists
Google Keep – Notes and Lists
Google LLC
Google Keep – Notes and Lists for AndroidGoogle Keep – Notes and lists for iOS

We may also receive notifications, such as those related to location (for example, reminders of what to buy when we approach a store). The strength of the application is the availability of up-to-date notes both on a smartphone and on a computer – wherever we log into our Google account. The interface is clear and colorful.

If we want to use Google Keep in a separate application window and not in a browser window, then let’s create a shortcut on the desktop. To do this, we launch the Chrome web browser and navigate to the Google Keep website. Now click on the Chrome menu (three dots in the top right corner of the window) and select “More Tools”, then “Create Shortcut”. In the new window, select the Open as window option so that when you click on the shortcut, it opens as a separate application window. Click Create.


OneNote is Microsoft’s note-taking program associated with the OneDrive cloud, thanks to which we can access our notes from various devices (computer, smartphone or tablet). All you need is a Microsoft account and data sync. We can also share our notes with other users.

Microsoft OneNote: Save Notes
Microsoft OneNote: Save Notes
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft OneNote: Save Notes for AndroidMicrosoft OneNote for iOSOneNote for Windows

In OneNote, we create notebooks and tabs with categories in them. In each tab, we can create any number of pages on which we place, such as notes with ideas, to-do lists, page clippings, or drawings or handwritten notes. We can also host multimedia files here. Each of the notebooks can be used for different purposes, such as for work or personal notes. We can also import notes from Evernote.

To place a screen clipping, such as a fragment of a web page, in a note, just press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S. After selecting the selected area, the cutout is automatically copied to the clipboard. To put it in a note, just press Ctrl + V.


Evernote is a great note organizer that lets you create and store various types of notes, such as to-do lists and meeting notes with photos. It is available both as a computer program and as an application for smartphones – of course, the content is synchronized between devices.

Evernote – Note Organizer
Evernote – Note Organizer
Evernote Corporation
Evernote – Note Organizer for AndroidEvernote – Notes Organizer for iOSEvernote for Windows

Evernote requires registration, but we may use your Google account information. You can group your notes into notebooks and share their contents with other users. We also have the option to send links to your notes or share them on social networks. We can also save web pages using the Evernote Web Clipper web browser add-on.